Eau Noire by Christian Dior Fragrance / Cologne Review

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Presentation: 3:09 | Smell: 4:49 | Rating: 10:29 A fragrance review of Eau Noire by Christian Dior. Thanks for watching! Where to buy: http://www.dior.com/be…

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Lanier Smith says:

This a a gourmand that I do love. It to me speaks of pancakes and maple
syrup that must be immortalle doing that for me.. Yes the dry down is
heavenly. Wonderful review Steven. 

Calvin Castillo says:

You hit it right on the head with the black N mild comparison.

ictusemidinaz says:

So I just came from Dior boutique at palazzo/Venetian. I tested the whole
privee line beside mithtza which is no longer available. I’m stuck between
Amber nuit and oud ispahan. The eau noire is very dark liquorish on dry
down. It’s intended towards older people so I can see why it’s being
discontinued as well. If u got the money it is worth grabbing before it’s
gone but not a scent I’d wear. 

RyzFragz34 says:

Just added this discontinued gem to my collection. 🙂 thx for the great
review. I had 3 great compliments in one day and really enjoy wearing it. 

WildDoveX says:

R U just messing with our heads with the spelling “prezentation” ? LOL

Jim R says:

Excellent review. I recently picked-up a 8.4 oz. jug of Mitzah (my 6th
Privee fragrance) so I’ve been a little hesitant to even sniff this one.
But now that it’s being discontinued…ugh! 

Himmat C says:

loool steven were you rolling blunts or what :~} i really love the prive
line, great video! would be stoked to see more… or any dior review i have
become a bit of a dior fanboy ~_~. super intrigued on this fragrance
though, hope I can find a split asap 

mrzayas81 says:

Im going back to Bal Harbour to finally wear Eau Noire on my skin, you
tempting me, I’m gonna have to send you the bill

ScentNomad says:

Really nice review, thank you!

I heard some people compare Eau Noire to New Haarlem – they actually smell
very different in my opinion, but I do suspect New Haarlem to contain
immortelle as well (also not listed in the notebreakdown). I think it
supports the “roasted” vibe in both scents.

If you’d like to try another cool perfume with immortelle I recommend to
check out Sables by Annick Goutal.

Joe W says:

This is curry in a bottle. Lol

Jose Vancouver says:

Thanks for this review. I have Dior Bois D’argent and Dior Ambre Nuit. I
also had a sniff of Dior Cuir Cannage when I was at Harrods in London this
past summer. I prefer Bois D’argent the most.

DUICE08 says:

Awesome review! As usual. What is that fragrance in the background with the
red top ? 

Fragrance Aficionado says:

Great review as always! I ordered mine this evening going to give this one
a try especially during certain events in the fall/winter.

SuppressorBN says:

Is this similar to Eau Sauvage Parfum?

Arbentino says:

Great video :)

Redolessence says:

Please subscribe! Thanks!

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