Eames Era (Mid Century Modern Design Today)

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Eames Era (Mid Century Modern Design Today) Mid-Century modern is an architectural, interior and product design form that generally describes post-war develo…

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patrick10001 says:

Just offer family of died old/or old people to raid their houses for free

theshadow1932 says:

@sensoryhouse That’s academia, for you. I took a film history class, once,
as a lad. The instructor pronounced film noir to rhyme with “sore”. I’d
have been fooled if I hadn’t heard the word pronounced properly in a
commercial for INSTANT COFFEE! Sheesh! Norm

Max Neutra says:


lesbryab says:

Its a very well done video.You captured the essence of the subject very
well.I hope you got an A.

whoagreg23 says:

Charles and Ray Eames, said like “beams” with an E. 🙂

woof999 says:

The lamp at 2:00, do you know what designer it is?

lesbryab says:

great job. btw arne jacobsen designed the egg chair.

Ben Ferguson says:

Good video. Would be cool to have videos highlighting modernist architects
by region, styles, and materials.

niltiac067 says:

Would you mind telling me who did the chairs at 1:29? Those are completely
new to me!

Laureeka says:

scandinavian countrys..italy?

balleur says:

“in scandinavian countries; Italy, Germany & GB…” lmao



LAMLernie says:

Oh, i thought it wasnt that bad. Good job, i actually sell alot of those
items. So if ever you need something let me know.

supravista says:

the things you stated should come first are actually some of the tenets of
modern design “Form follows function” Look into the Bauhaus


Very cool! 😀

supravista says:

I’m in a heated competition to get the most “likes” on facebook for my
modern artwork by Nov. 30th to win a MUCH needed $1000 scholarship. Please
check it out my video called “Wave Propagation”, and if you like it then
PLEASE go to link in the video description and click “like” Thanks!

hondolespaul says:

Elderly people are still putting these items on the curb! I just picked up
a scarce 1960s open arm sofa that someone threw away. This had to be a
custom piece because I can´t find another one like it online!

v1m says:

A shallow assertion: “…the ideal that well-designed modern goods should
be available to all.” Even where it was entertained — and that wasn’t
everywhere — the ideal has long since been traduced and abandoned. See
what Herman Miller ($679 plywood chair) or Knoll ($8,148 sofa) or Fritz
Hansen ($3,678 fabric chair) ask for these allegedly egalitarian designs
today. Meanwhile, the ideal of mass-produced modern affordability has
migrated from Cold War fetish-gear to the truly accessible: Ikea.

squaredeyeball says:


BeasleyAndHenley says:

Nice work.

JJColb says:

Great job- but you need more cadence, tone and emphasis in your narration.
It sounds very scripted, with the same rise and fall in the tone of your
voice with each sentence. Listen to some professional narration fo

redladybug666 says:

Thank you XD

beatgrrrl says:

Despite the mistakes, it was very well done! Good job. I enjoyed watching

hoodlam says:

nice you mispronounced the “Eames” last name. it is pronounced “Eames” as
in “Dreams” this comes from the Eames Primer

Fedele Chillirocks says:

I got my Eames reproduction chair from a company called Siedasi – I’m so
happy with it

TimTrimT says:

Hahahaha It’s a comma you silly person not a semicolon 🙂 I didn’t get the
sense that the narrator was saying Italy Germany and GB are Scandinavian.
But…. It’s definitely more funny with the semicolon now that I think
about it!

MidCenturyFurniture says:

Just love all the Mid Century Modern Furniture Stuff

bshop22 says:

It is the Egg Chair. The Womb Chair was the second chair shown (right after
the blue upholstered tulip.

balleur says:

That was a lame comment..

sohoW1 says:

Dear ma., paintings or etchings? Cheers. from, del-boy.

Ldrakekat says:

What mistakes? Genuinely interested in knowing. I found this doing
reasearch on the Eames era.

dreeezer says:

I think ‘the mistake’ is when they show Saarinen ‘s work that there is a
picture of an egg by Arne Jacobsen, when they say it is a womb chair

TimTrimT says:

Yes, I’d kill for a few of those lady chairs. 😀 I’ve always found them to
be strikingly beautiful. Next time I have a few thousand dollars sitting
around…. Until then dreams will suffice.

Max Neutra says:

Come see my original Neutra paintings!!! 🙂

guillemvalla says:

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lilttlekevin89 says:

This has been so helpful in writing my essay! Please upload more like this
on design! Also, where did you get this information?

whisje says:

Niltiac, the blue one or the red one, the blue one i’m hot sure, but the
red one is the ‘Lady’ chair by Marco Zanuso, it shows new exciting shapes,
Zanuso used new materials and new ways of producing for his chairs, he also
used foam rubber, which was pretty new if i’m not mistaken


That is the lady chair designed by Marco Zanuso, for the company ARFLEX in
the 1950’s…….That is great Italian modern design.

dreuxschwartz says:

mmmh thanks. by the way, what’s the title of the background music? who’s
the artist?

Branner says:

It is. Designed @1958 for the SAS Royal Hotel (along with the Swan).

artmod says:

you did a fantastic job! I go to the art institute Hollywood and believe
me, you are being much too hard on yourself. I loved it!

Fedele Chillirocks says:

I got Eames reproduction from Siedasi – I’m so happy with it

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