EABoarding – Emporio Armani SS19 Men's and Women's Fashion Show

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In transit, seizing the moment. Emporio Armani reasserts and actualises the codes of its DNA, a container of ideas to freely draw inspiration from, following one’s instinct. The independent, transversal spirit of the brand is emphasised by the joint presence of men and women, free from conventions but sharing the same aesthetics principles.

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WeeziePop says:

@Armani Group, Please make more of the high end pieces available on Armani.com. None of the cool pieces from 4:20 to 4:52 are available online.

A TZ. says:


chanhthang Tran says:

nice collection show the best on the world Armani show please happyness and enjoyments with Armani style .

O Doyle Rules says:

Breath taking

Q M says:

6:52 who is shee???

Gabriele Goretti says:

Finally Emporio great as it was

Harriet Shearsmith says:

I seriously need to up my fashion game!

Hugo Jozwicki says:

Bonjour !
If you are ever curious to see all the backstage movies i've done during the fashion weeks SS19 for VOGUE, you can check them out on my instagram : https://www.instagram.com/hugojozwicki/
Merci a tous

kidrebel says:

I wanted to see Mattia Narducci’s walk! 😒

h &h says:


h &h says:


h &h says:


Alexandra Flores says:

Me gustaría estar en un desfile de GA algún día ….

Vitaliy Shestak says:

Amazing music

kadupul kadupul says:

Magnificent collection

six Angela says:

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Thomas Abbott says:

Armani, – E Boarding – Emporio Armani SS19 Men's and Woman's Fashion Show. The Fashion Show's that you do are truly amazing an also put a lot of dedication in to the work. An The designs are truly out standing. The Models look out standing. Truly Amazing work that you do.

pietr11 says:

whats the name of this songs, pleas?

Dimitris Nikandros says:

Unfortunately it seems that Armani repeats himself

Massimo Giordano says:

Basta …Armani,,,solo nella haute-couture exclusive PRIVE ‘ …..il resto non conta…

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