Dsquared² | Spring Summer 2017 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Dsquared2 | Spring Summer 2017 by Dan Caten and Dean Caten | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – MFW/ Milan Fashion Week)

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Eduardo Sanchez Benites says:

Song min 3.55??? Is this lost?

Kirsty Stonem says:

whos at 7:30

kim alric says:

goddamn alex

Jess Parks says:

Anna Cleveland tho. Deadass slayed.

joshcka says:

The thing that I like most : The Shoes! And then Marjan Jonkman CAN walk bitch!! Fernanda Ly and Anna F*ckin' Cleveland :D

John Macom says:

I ate a bag of pretzels there.

Park Min-soo says:

8:55 Nice catch Fernanda

Maureen Ramsden says:

This show is fun….

Suraj Kariyare says:

1:17 does anyone know her?

Jess Poore says:

1:46 does anyone know who she is??

cheong728 says:

Love it, this is what high fashion should be like – OTT. Don't know how this will translate commercially though, how do you wear the pieces separately, many seemed to be one piece and very few would dare to wear it like that.

Ernie Nab says:

Gucci-Gabanna-Kenzo kinda bive.. love it tho.

luis lara says:


Eleutheria Stauridou says:

romee was awesome

naomihitme says:

9:18 Teddy's walk slayed me so hard.

Gabriella Anindhitya says:

who's the girl with a pink coat?

Lord Armyn says:

The only thing I like about this show is the music

Agustín Rodriguez says:


Jay Kay says:

errrr…. haven't caught their shows in a while. They having a bad season or are they getting progressively worse?

Eduardo Garcia Fuentes says:

5:45 Ondria Hardin

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