Drake's 'Versace' Verse For Versace at Milan Fashion Week

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“While luxury rap continues to thrive under the penmanship of Jay Z and Kanye West, hip-hop is also slipping into the runway soundtrack for Fashion Week. After turning out New York City and London, the stylish festivities have descended on Milan where fashion bloggers have littered their photo maps with models strutting to sounds all too familiar in the Western Hemisphere. Italian designer Donatella Versace pushed play on Drake’s verse for her show Friday (Sept. 20, 2013), saluting the bouncy bars on the catwalk.”

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Gregory Alexander says:

@MigosATL #MIGOS >>> #Versace

Steve Trini says:

They played more than just drakes verse though
…  http://youtube.com/watch?v=H05yqaINJc8

Mr Hands says:

To be fair, it's Migos' song. But anyways, props to Donatella for having the balls to play this song at all. Cheers

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