Dolce & Gabbana | Spring/Summer 2020 | Menswear | Milan Fashion Week

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Brent Yalowica says:


Major Hudson says:

Love this look !!!Art Art Fashion!!!😃😃😃

Josip Tumapa says:

I still have their Anti China Racist comment in my head. But can’t deny the vibe of this show. Love it

compy pompy says:

I like the flood pants.

boy asia says:

Not a chance. It's hilarious. How retro. It has a feel of forever safari from morning till morning. Bedsheets and pillows prints. I can't help myself glancing at some baskets either on the left or right.

dan bisson says:

fresh young summery very wearable nice materials

Alexandros Arvanitakis says:

Models with erection and crosses on the neck.

Fabrizio Libraschi says:

This collection is very nice! It's fresh, summery and wearable… The soundtrack as well is amazing: a throwback to the 50s…Colours are awesome as well! Great job for Domenico & Stefano!💖💖

omar chandler says:


Venture Capitalist Venusaur says:

Where's the guy with no shirt from the thumb?

antongrad says:


Ali - RARER - Abdoul-Magid Abdourahman says:

Love it – c'est je ne sais qui…..#Fabulous !!!

suraj amom says:


Fatina Kao says:

Generally speaking, the black guys walk the best. Idk why those white dudes are walking like some newly invented robots…

Richard Carlington says:

At Versace it was Leopard and cars…here it's leopard and cars, what gives? Simon…it's a "no" for me.

Almeera Anwar says:

I love dressss

Damian Lewd says:

Gaudy Safari.

Tony Long says:

zoot suit, Spain and the Caribbean in the 1940s! Beautiful fabrics and the music is hot! Love!

Lúcio SJ says:

Dolce gabbana is amazing 👏

xXTheRedrubyXx says:

I'm loving the designs especially a certain higwaisted trouser, reminds me of something but I can't put my figure on it. The colours tho kill me, I hope khaki/beige isn't a trend again.

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