Dolce Gabbana Light Blue Intense VS Yves Saint Laurent Y EDP Fragrance Review BATTLE

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Yves Saint Laurent Y EDP:
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Greg says:

These vs John Varvatos aritsan pure?

My Scentence says:

Light Blue Intense Pour Homme doesn't have marigold as a note? what are you talking about?

hassan zamil says:

Can you tell me a perfume which lasts 3 days minimum please?

Peter Harry says:

Do a Chris Adams cologne

Miguel Angel Montesinos Alvarez says:

Jeremy, from Perú thanks for the video! Tell us, what about D&G Light Blue Intense VS Versage Pour Homme?

SkyArt says:

D&G light blue is my life purpose 🌊 🍋

Georgiana Tanase says:

What about Gucci Bloom like Summer Fragrance?! J'adore it..

Simon Déziel-Nourry says:

Hi Jerermy, What about Bvlgari Aqva Marine ? I found that it smells very similar to D&G LBI. Mostly in the dry-drown but lasts a bit less longer.

Henza85 says:

Ysl y edp mixed with acqua di gio profumo would be perfect parfum. Y edp is good but little bit too sweet i think.

Daniel Espinosa says:

Can you review MontLeblanc Explorer Cologne please!!!

Cos Coco says:

Hey you should try Carolina Herrera 212 Vip Men Black

Renaldo Govender says:

I thought you was saying ifs and a o all this time

Mia Duke says:

Excellent review bruh! 100

christopher martin says:

Hey Jeremy…i know its expensive but would love to see a review on Initio Rehab

christopher martin says:

trying to decide between John Varvatos Artisan Pure….and….YSL La Nuit de L'Homme…and..Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male…..any uggestions??? anyone????…for picking up ladies on an everyday occasion!!?

Pedro Victor Camarâ says:

What about a video that covers the MAIN fragrances to wear when you know you gonna have SEX…

fragrances that enhance the senses and has a good mix with sweat!


Gina Rossman says:

Sexy man!!!!!

fitrie wulansari says:

I'm a dng light blue fans ❤

John Bruce says:

Invictus Legend

Colin notyou0k says:

Picked up Y edp yesterday. I'm noticing the apple note but it's more like a sour apple note on skin and tester. I'm kinda regretting it now.

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