Discover the collaboration with Monsieur Pathe’O for Dior's 2020 Cruise collection

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Maria Grazia Chiuri has always had her heart set on establishing creative exchanges with African cultures. For the Dior 2020 Cruise collection, she chose to collaborate with Pathé Ouédraogo – aka Pathé’O – one of Africa’s leading designers, to create a special shirt in tribute to Nelson Mandela. In his work, Pathé’O supports fashion that is entirely Made in Africa. Take a closer look at this unique and powerful creation and learn more about the emblematic, bold shirt that has come to symbolize the African continent in all its cultural diversity.

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Live G. says:

That is amazing that a big fashion house like DIOR decided to collaborate with our African designers instead of appropriating the style and culture. Really hats off to the creative director Chiuri! I hope more known celebrity designers will follow suit.

El Sibarita Del Castillo says:

Telas exoticas

ilana NY says:

This collection is so cool!

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