Dior Spring-Summer 2019 Haute Couture Show

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Watch the event live and experience the atmosphere of the Spring-Summer 2019 Haute Couture show from Maria Grazia Chiuri!

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Lisa Speer says:

Does anybody know if the videos music is also the original soundtrack of the show? 🙂 Would help alot! thanks

J.J. B.13. says:

Omg this is so good!!!

Gis Rivera says:

Sin duda la temática de las presentaciones siempre son importantes, pero creo que estuvo de más el show que dieron los acróbatas, ya que funje como distractor.

Max Werner says:

I had to make sure that it was not gucci 🤣

Lynz261 says:

Do a search 1930's bathing cap.

Lynz261 says:

The "helmet" hat as the designer describes looks like a bathing or swimming cap of the 40's, 50's. Why??? The clown theme is just…no just no. According to designer, and you can see in the designs clown themes, really? So send in the clowns? Sorry, uh no.

Paolo Peruzzi says:

Fashion is made to be worn not for the show. Haute couture is in highly sought-after and artisanal workmanship. To say that this collection is ugly is really absurd

Ilyas Md. Amin says:

This kinda reminded me of the moschino ss19 show…m

ceciLOVEtaco says:

Mr . Dior is crying inside his grave.
No WOW , No GLAMOUR , No SPARKLE , only BORING , DULL …..ZZZZZ…. for so many seasons I can't even watch more than 1 min of every Dior show . IT IS THAT HORRIBLE .

alfababy says:

was the "acrobat shit" really necessary? maybe to distract from the crap clothes.

Riley Jean says:

THIS is what passes for haute couture now? Dior is rolling in his grave smh. Watching Dior shows is something that made me fall in love with fashion and to see what’s happening to this house is just heart breaking.

Dan Bernardino says:

Who did the soundtrack of the show?

Ernesto J Umaña says:

I think that the reference was more linked to the jokers and buffoons from European courts, so that's the cirquesque dimension of the collection. Fires anyone know what the music was? Please!!!

Teddy Kurniawan says:

Alber Elbaz for Christian Dior! Lets make this happen!!

Miguel Vieira says:

It looks like a terrible ready-to-wear show. Poor Dior.

Jazzyboy says:

WTF!!! A fuckin' disaster!

F says:

Bill Gaytten preferred!

李文俊 says:

crap designer and dior now !

ANoel Cabrera says:

This is just absolutely SAD!!
A true visionary doesn't need any form of gimmicky to include in an HAUTE COUTURE collection.The clothes should speak for themselves..

Oscar Robles says:

The Acrobats were too distracting. Though the collection was flawless.

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