Dior Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Show

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Paris Fashion Week Christian Dior Spring Summer 2017 Runway Show

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Uyen Vu says:

Dior 's re-life.

angelo cocozza esposito says:

una volta Dior era simbolo di femminilità, oggi invece simbolo di….modelle che indossano magliette con delle stampe e delle camicie di forza che sembrano bambini anoressici di 13 anni? fanculo.

Richard Leclerc says:

very bad.

Especial 2X1 says:


Laurent Wioland says:

c'était vraiment mieux du temps de monsieur Christian Dior, ou son les belle robe fleuries et les tailleurs ?? je trouve vraiment que c'est très simple vraiment étrange et pas attrayant

ad da says:


Mae h says:

music sucked

martin mayer says:


Flávia Nogueira says:

amazing collection! lovely sound!

Andres Jimenez says:

I loved it, loved it, loved it. The track is soooooo awesome.

Jovrien Darimbang says:

I still miss John Galliano and his battle against his extreme shyness after every show. Those were the best years. ❤️

Coco SaintDior says:

the song please ? =/

Madeline says:

okayy, dont like the tight buns for hair. love the white

Mark Ryan says:

why do they walk like male models?

antonio gutierrez says:

valentino italy style nude flowers dtyle…

Blanca Bugg Healy says:

i miss so much Dior by Galliano…

tuấn trịnh says:

Valentino ???

JeLynn Russell says:

This song tho?

Johnson Chan says:

oh nice to see RED valentino has a runway show now…oh wait…

Anais goasdoué says:

All these girls looks like about to die or loose a bone…. this is perverse and sick (sicking must the most of their activity actually…) Next time, suggest "Die-or" to hire the hangers.. oops "models" in a cancer hospital, war zone or aids dying people…
this is sick….

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