Dior Spring / Summer 1952

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Film of Christian Dior’s Spring 1952 collection. Gotta love the narration!

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Supercalifragilis7 says:

God I wish there was colour!

Fab Jennie says:

Every article of clothing was timeless! Love the video clip

Yocelin Guzman says:

I love the Dior fall/winter 1949 collection! With the Juno Dress! Gorgeous

thepixieful says:

collected and wore vintage for years. sad no one dresses anymore for anything. was happy to see the steisand book of her costumes and personal vintage collection all with museum air.

bobduvar says:

Some decades before the nowadays women trash attitude….

bobduvar says:

if you can come to Paris and if you can buy vintage dresses, i suggest you to go to Palais Royal arches close to the Grand Véfour famous restaurant. Many vintage boutiques sell dresses from the 50’s to the 70’s by many fashion designer like Balenciaga, Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent, etc… Very expensive of course but it’s something you have to see if you are interested in french fashion.

Un coeur says:

0:45 dress!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh so pretty. do want.

ToniBreland says:

Just breathtaking! The elegance, the lines, the style, the grace.

Greta Francesconi says:

! <3

Jasmin Miserables says:

Je l’adore, si belle!!!! i just went to dior heaven!

Daniel Castillo says:

@JulesRimet1 – ALl i got to say is is you think that then your livng your life all wrong, cause i thing our world is pretty dam great. I love my life and i live it to the fullest, so i think u need to focus on the brighter thigns in life and everything will be better =) our world has many good to it, its just trying to find the good!!

troubel911 says:

OMG I’VE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN! I didn’t know heaven was in blac and white?

msaoichan says:

and were not prone to throwing a telephone at hotel staff.

Physdelicdreaming says:

– I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. Even though I’m in HS, I still see how disconnected and depressing our world is becoming; it’s like walking deeper and deeper into a black forest of thorns and not feeling every prick to the skin. I see people everyday who walk through life as if they don’t see the beautiful things that lay around them, like the little flowers that grow beneath trees and the way the light changes day by day. 🙁

Lima He Silva LS says:

I believe it all explain why our technological world is drowning. Look around and you won’t find any human connection with what was once man-made design, comfort and well-being.
We’re all being driven to a sadder world and we aren’t doing a thing to save it…

maniandpink says:

Oh… I think I just died and went to heaven!! Absolutely breathtaking! Please, please let me live in the 50’s!

DeaconGiles says:


DeaconGiles says:


AaliyahVarietyShow says:

What are the names of all the dress
I heard them but I’m not sure how to spell them

tujorspret says:

Junon was from the Fall-Winter 1949 collection.

quarter2heaven says:

okay this is the most amazing thing ever, like its sooooo beautiful

Amoriah says:

Back when models were graceful

Aalexandra4ever says:

wow…that’s so different now

handuprun says:

these amazin’ clothes are still inspiring hundred and hundred of designers in every year..

Suhail Jaber says:

Wonderful 🙂

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