Dior – Secret Garden

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“Secret Garden – Versailles” A film by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, staring Daria Strokus, Melissa Stasiuk and Xiao Wen Ju in La Galeries Des Gla…

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christian garrido says:

amazing song..but TBH this video is atrocious..nothing can compare to the
vision of Corbijn’s testament to Depeche Mode

Eme arte moda says:

Excelente producción, bella fotografía, pero la ropa no es Dior, con los
vestidos de Galliano habría sido sublime.

Sebastián Gaspar says:

If perfection had to be described, this would be the perfect choice to
graphically describe it.

Alexey Prytkov says:
Bety Ciccone says:


Mauricio Gil Arboleda says:

Desde mi perspectiva una de las mejores publicidades de la casa Dior, me

Fashion says:

Dior – Secret Garden

WeShall4ttack says:

Lol what a bunch of retarded, gullible bimbo bitches (=

Yvonne P M says:


Der Kommandant says:


Ambra Gahan says:


Yves.SoFrench says:

Completly fan of your work !! <3 I hope I can do the same one day 😉
PS : may be with some Fresh French Music ? 😉 my point of view 😀
but I love Depeche Mode so ... WtF 😉 :D

Adriana Rodriguez says:

Wish to be there 

Ana Landeros says:

Dior – Secret Garden: http://youtu.be/AyRKQ4VIdWo



Depeche mode

Инна Таболова says:
samuel meh says:

ok, so basically whenever you pause, its always a beautiful frame! i think
thats how videos should all be done. 

ImNiTro FeederTrickshoter says:

what is the name of a woman model

Villas Iliachtides says:


J Nevins says:

amazing fashion statement !!

diamante7885 says:

depeche :3

HeLena Suzza says:

Dior, the best!

EpicCafeBar says:

Gorgeous !

GodmyX says:

Wow, I don’t really care that this is a commercial: it is art… it stepped
beyond a commercial.

farsh cage says:

I just listened to Depeche Mode

Berceker says:

Pub vraiment nul à chier!! ça été fait par un stagiaire ?

BrunaBntto says:

Soft..elegant.. beautiful! (:

paintedinblackver2 says:
Christian Lisovich says:


Макс Гуринов says:

Dior – Secret Garden

InterHaydn says:


anastasia massa says:


Santiago Martinez says:

this is beautiful

Krasimir Kostov says:

Classically handsome old Gallic buildings , handsomely fitted up inner
settings and lustfully-looking women and last but not least a wonderful
,timelless song as a background of all this fairytale-like prettiness !

InterHaydn says:

2:38 love her

Pablo Abreu says:

I love so much this video ,is perfect!

Diana B. says:

Sem palavras realmente incrível um mundo fantasctic

Queen Karime says:

hooo versalles enjoy the silence ufffffffffff

InterHaydn says:

the best of Grandeur 1:41

StuffedyStuffs says:

One of my favorite films of all time. Love Inez and Vinoodh!

Miguel Angel Quinchalef B. says:


InterHaydn says:


Carlos Torres says:

simply….. Spectacular a Masterpiece

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