Dior ‘Mystics Metallics’ – Fall Makeup Collection 2013

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Christian Dior was a man who believed in fate. One April night in 1946, the couturier stepped on a metal star and saw it as a sign. The next day, he set out …

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TheRainbowMS says:

Wow i love the new collection!!! And this music!!!! OMG!!! What is that???!!

DragQueenPriscilla says:

Like very much ,Dior collection.

Mariana Enríquez says:


Francisca Alvear says:

Perfect !! the song used is awesome!!

param0re82 says:


Rich Shard says:

Pretty nice makeup!
WRATH OF GOD by CC, one of my favs

AlbinoPlant says:

Crystal Castles <3

Alice Glass says:

I love DIOR
song: wrath of god-crystal castles

aisuziya says:


fashionguy955 says:

What’s the name of the song? I loved it and I’ve been looking for it

Lachica delblog says:

I loved it :3

Brandon Garcia says:

Amazing how Dior can make the connection with the past, customers, and story after all is that what fashion is all about?

Brandon Garcia says:

Gorgeous makeup 

Alvin Earl Lasala says:

Dior, maybe I know the song you used in this commercial?

UnoriginaUsername says:

Crystal Castles – Wrath of God

Sasha Wang says:

crystle castles

TheRealmOfDaniel says:

Wrath of God by Crystal Castles

Roxy Kvel says:


InterHaydn says:


Nancy Haywire says:


ocharovash says:

Как всегда чудесное музыкальное сопровождение и интересный видеоряд! Диор молодцы))

Male Model Corporation says:

Crystal Castles <3

Pao Dix says:

Are we getting all the collection here in Mexico?

Ulises Aguilar Orizaga says:

I’m so proud of Dior chosing Crystal Castles (Wrath Of God) for the music in their video!

Mimie AQ says:

Metallics are back for fall <3

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