Dior Homme – Uncensored Official Director’s Cut

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Dior Homme Fragrance Uncensored Director’s Cut starring Robert Pattinson, directed by Romain Gavras. Music by Led Zeppelin. Discover more exclusive contents …

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nkotbluva says:

Luv it, can’t stop watching.. Rob is perfection!

AnWeNgirl says:


Catherine Dove says:

Okay, all I gotta say is… WAAAAAAAAY better than Twilight!!

alex acosta says:

OMG i was so happy to listen this song!! 😀

honeybee7700 says:


denissegl71 says:

Te amo robert

denissegl71 says:


2milove says:

They should make a video with all Dior faces like Charlize Theron, Robert Pattinson, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence,… The video will show the connection between them and there are scenes showing the actor with product they present for such as Theron with J’adore, Pattinson with Dior Homme,…That will be an epic ad. Pls thumbs up to let them know this idea. 🙂

MsStormywatson says:

only 1 million views? wow, I can’t believe I’ve only watched it that many times???

Alyana Miranda says:

oh my god, Rob it is amazing and so hot!!

shamil222 says:

oh my lord i was sweating the whole time while watching this. He is so damn FINE!

Dulce Partida says:

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chellywuzhere636 says:

One word… YUMMMM

Karen Golong says:

Hot AD! Rob is so hot!

karategal1210 says:

I love it! Rob looks damn hot.

Camila Paz Herrera Rojas says:

who is the girl?

Joselin Maslow says:

TE AMO ROBERT¡¡¡¡¡ <3 <3 <3 <3

Macarena Lopez says:


Macarena Lopez says:

Wtf? god! Robert is very sexy!
Wtf? dieu! Robert est très sexy!
Wtf? dios mío! Robert es muy sexy!
Wtf? dio! Robert è molto sexy!
Wtf? god! Robert is erg sexy!
Wtf? god! Robert é muito sexy!
WTF? Gott! Robert ist sehr sexy!
Wtf? Gud! Robert er meget sexet!
Wtf? gud! Robert er veldig sexy!
Wtf? gud! Robert är väldigt sexig!
Τι στο διάολο; god! Robert είναι πολύ σέξι!
WTF? אלוהים! רוברט הוא מאוד סקסי!
Wtf? dia! Robert an-sexy!
Wtf? god! Robert jest bardzo sexy!

tiranajean says:

Hot!!!! Thank you!

Aubrey Gray says:

And I thought I died earlier…they resuscitated me and I died AGAIN.

Fatima Roman says:

How can this AMAZING Ad have dislikes? Stupid people. This is the best AD evahhh

Sam Pearson says:

The perfect Christian Grey. Js.

Naná Bennitt says:

Seria perfeito com 50 Tons de Cinza!

anaeli1894 says:

They had me with “Whole Lotta Love”.

This is YUMMY!

Monica Samia says:

Such a sexy ad! The first shot and his glasses/hair/speed driving and turned up collar are so reminiscent of James Dean and definitely inspired by him! I love Rob.. oh and the music is by Led Zeppelin. Enough said

peky8 says:


Robert + Led Zeppelin + Dior beyond great

pixydylan says:

Dior+Robert+Led Zeppelin= Perfect

Amanda Botari says:

OMG Sexiest than ever!

Karen Martinez says:

The love of my life… <3

Duban Duhamel says:

I Love :*

Duban Duhamel says:

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love :*

danete202 says:

Esse comercial é uma perfeição.
Rob#Dior pura fascinação !!!

Julia Dalrymple says:

This is the most beautiful thing I have EVER seen.

leahandelliexo says:

this video makes me very wet

Christelle Ottaviano says:

Tout simplement envoûtant!

MsAlye A says:

hot hot hot

TreySongzzYuup says:

Love Love Love!!!

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