Dior Homme Sport by Christian Dior cologne review

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A Review of Dior Homme Sport Sophisticated and Elegant Lemon/Ginger scent that dries down to a Woods scent. You get a good deal of citrus in the opening that…

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albert ferro says:

Great review like always !!!

Kw22wombts says:

Did you ask 100 people about this one?

Aris Kou says:

why so serious?


Great review buddy I’m a big ginger fan so I enjoy DHS on those hot days
the hotter it gets the better DHS does its thing on my skin. Cody my man
keep up the awesome reviews buddy

Silver Punk says:

Great review. One of my fav designers.

freakin13guy says:

This one wasn’t for me. The problem with this fragrance is that depending
on your skin, the ginger can really turn foul. It’s one that truly needs to
be tested on the skin cause the ginger can play tricks on you but for some,
like myself the lemon blast from this can come off very much like
disinfectant cleaner as well.. This is definitely not the safe scent many
make it out to be, primarily because of the ginger. That being said its
certainly worth a try if the ginger works on your skin.

MrDare2bdifferent says:

Thanks for the review. Out of all the Dior Homme line, this is my least
favorite, but I can see it working as you stated for younger guys.

dracdoc says:

@freakin13guy Good point. Ginger coming off different on people, you just
gave me a new research experiment 🙂 Thnx for the comment man

omfggoogle says:

@p4ptrader lol I checked and yes he does. But you know who else? A young
Carl Lewis.

razscott says:

Spot on review man! i only have Dior Homme intense but when i tested this
frag it just reminded me of some kind of furniture polish

SONICE69 says:

@dracdoc: have you EVER done a video with your top 10? If not, what are
they? I am especially interested in your TOP PIC!

JonesCharlesbond says:

is the cologne and deodorant the excact same smell?

Thaw Zin Winn says:

dear dracdoc, what is the different between this DH sport and 2012
reformulated DH sport? would you rate 9/10 to 2012 reformulated DH sport as

Dil1995 says:

@dracdoc what would you wear on a date?

dracdoc says:

I’m not sure mainly because I have not tried the reformulated version yet..
though ill try to soon

omfggoogle says:

Dude you look like Jay Z.

Kruemel952 says:

Great review! 🙂 I like that one too! Tried it a couple if times might as
well buy a bottle of that sometime! 🙂

raidernationcali says:

i own this and u get decent compliments at least i have

MrCoolink says:

I like it a lot. I think we are making some confusion about
Longevity/Projection. On Winter fragrances will last longer and have a
lower projection. On summer fragrances will evaporate more quickly and have
a higher projection but less longevity.

Chris Bruschi says:

Great review Cody! This is my fav designer summer scent hands down!

p4ptrader says:

@omfggoogle i think he looks like Z-roe look Z-roe up and youll see

dracdoc says:

@topgear1138 I don’t see why not, it has a formal undertone. Still, I
wouldn’t wear it on a date, but thats just my personal choice. Go with what
your comfortable with.

WallyStinx says:

thanks for the review man. i have this on the way and i can’t wait to use
it in this summer heat.

dracdoc says:

I wouldn’t see any problem with it

shogunate83 says:

This is my SOTD

Fernando J.S says:

Hey Dracdoc, how are you? Great reviews! This is on of the best summer
fragrances for me… Fernando J.S from Brazil!

hiroyoruzuka says:

damn my man Cody excellent review bro! thanks for the review

drob108 says:

Happy 4th of July and thanks for the review!

bachatuuu says:

excellent review… subbed with that said, its a really good fragrance. the
ginger from this does really, really well on my skin. the dry down is very
nice too.

topgear1138 says:

Very nice and thorough review. I just bought it today and I agree that it
get’s a bit close to the skin but it does come back on and off. Would you
consider this a date scent?

dracdoc says:

@Dil1995 Personally my date scents are along the lines of Musc Ravageur,
Dior Homme Intense. In the summer, Bergamote 22

Delancey72 says:

Great review brother.Never tried DHS.I gotta get a sample of that fragrance.

DJTrinityNYC says:

could u break this out in the hot club dancing?

Bill Mitchell says:

I’ve just bought the reformulated 2012 edition, and it really does it for
me, it’s a great fragrance but so damn expensive!

rhaybans says:

Thanks for your take. Well done review.

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