Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior fragrance / cologne review

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Street Scents Video w/ The Guru Marc, JR, Julio, Frunk & Al – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjdlXsgjA7o Link to Dior Homme Intense Discussion – http://www.b…

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meedy92 says:

where can I get an authentic bottle of the original formulation of dior homme intense??

prettyboylalin says:

Superb review, on so many different levels.
Btw(imho), have both vintage & reformulated. VERY LITTLE (if any) noticeable difference.Great Frag.!!
Thanks again!! Subscribed!!

dracdoc says:

I wouldn’t recommend it, but go nuts

Shady Sparrow says:

Hey can I wear this as a day scent for school an I’m 13 yrs old thanks!

William Grand says:

you should do a top ten on the most masculine smelling colognes.

William Grand says:

the funny thing about the ambergris is that its a waxy grey flammable substance that is produced in a sperm whales stomach. So ultimately the secret ingredient of Creeds colognes is more or less whale vomit lmao!

Fredrik29Sweden says:

Hi, I have a code 75008 -Paris France and 3001. Is this real you think?

dracdoc says:

Yup.. they are both different

dracdoc says:

Yup.. they are both different.

LibraryGC says:

Would you bother checking out Dior Homme if you already have DHI? Are they two different frags completely?

Jonestown909 says:

where abouts can i get my hands on a bottle i cant find it anywhere and i am always very cautious to buy fragrances online.

Brandon Falco says:

opiates much£

Brandon Falco says:

alson opiates

TheSoulstance says:

Great video

Charlie Roddenby says:

That was a really good review on so many levels – thanks!

Prince Okeke says:

What is the best college perfume to wear that last long,strong but not too strong ?

buzzingbee25 says:

Anybody who wants to get this , pm me. I live in Vegas. I live very close to the Dior boutique. I got my DHI 100 ml for $77 plus tax. I can buy and send it over if you are really interested… And IMHO, this frag is a legend. I am loving it!

Oh and I am a fragrance fanatic. Just wanna help out people who share the same passion as me.

buzzingbee25 says:

great review, love your videos. Subbed

donaspades says:

Hey Cody could you please tell me where i might be able to get my hands on the original formulation? I’ve never smelled DHI so would it matter if i got the old or reformulated version?

dracdoc says:

I throw away most of my boxes.. so I can’t help you there :/

RayRich1 says:

Hey I wanted to know about the top of the box of DHI . I recently purchased a bottle of DHI online the box is well constructed . My only concern is the top of the box , it feels paper thin . Do they all come like that ?

dracdoc says:

it didn’t WoW me either to be honest at first.

dracdoc says:

works well on my skin

eric anthony says:

How do manage to get 3 sprays on non exposed skin and get 4 feet projection? If I don’t spray two to the shoulders and one to the chest no one will notice me. Thanks.

eric anthony says:

Hey I just bought this blindly. At first whiff there is no WOW factor like I was expecting from many reviews.  Maybe it will grow on me.

Gusty1962 says:

Hi, I am new to fragrances and have watched a lot of your reviews. What would your top 5 recommendations for a year round, fairly exclusive, long lasting signature scent for a 45-50 yr old male be which also recieves a lot of compliments from the ladies, thanks.

jhowardgreenthumb says:

Shes not really into deeper frags. She prefers the lighter sportier scents like hugo boss, aqua digio, chanel de bleu ect. ect. I personally liked it

jamardjk says:


root9065 says:

I love Dior. Just saw the movie Equilibrium again today, and while I was watching it, I was thinking this should definitely be the fragrance that Christian Bale (the Cleric) would wear. Which is kinda cool. What do you think Doc?

dracdoc says:

I think its great for that purpose. This is a good compliment getter depending on where you live

runmvp says:

I personally don’t like the first hour, but after an hour this fragrance smells really good

djthejeweler says:

I have a 5ml decant of the reformulation if anyone is interested email me @ jmorgan830@gmail.com $15shipped

Fay Di says:

Which is most versatile between Dior Homme Intense and L’instant de Guerlain Pour Homme Eau Extreme?

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