Dior Homme by Christian Dior Fragrance/Cologne Review (2005)

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Marc’s take on Dior Homme by Christian Dior. Can you spell class in a bottle ? I know I can it’s D-I-O-R H-O-M-M-E .

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Jordan ninetyFive says:

have to say this is one of the best scents ever. unique classy and

Istenenergia says:

What you said at the end of the video confirmed what my nose told me.

Brandon Donald says:

addicted to this stuff

J Koptie says:

Just blind bought this fragrance after putting it off because of the
purported “make-up bag” note. Let me tell you that I am blown away! I
didn’t think it was possible for something to smell this amazing! I own
close to 100 fragrances from amouage to creed and this is in the top 5.
Holy shit.

Jon Italia says:

I like numbers especially 420 and 69

flexwheelR says:

“How will I recognize you?” “Oh, don’t you worrya bout that…you’ll know
when I’m here…” DIOR HOMME

Alexanima says:

@SprayEnjoy Dior Homme, not Dior Homme Intense. Don’t give me that
bullshit. Ask anyone in the community about the similarities in these two
fragrances, both Dior Homme and Bvlgari Black.

ramboram03 says:

This has been reformulated , they have taken a lot of the iris out , the
original formulation was heavy on iris.

Evans Cheruiyot says:

this one vs chanel allure homme?

DMOtron32 says:

Nice review Marc….I not a tuxedo or a suit and tie guy. More of a sporty
guy but I love this fragrance. Though it doesn’t match my personality, I
don’t care.

IaMJoEycAnNoli says:

Nice Review chief!

Guga Gaidzak says:

If you love the scent of a cheap lipstick on your shirt this is the way to
go………. this gives me nausea!!!

Wheelio says:

No, it probably wasn’t a bad sample. This stuff really does smell awful.
Smells like someone smeared a pound of lipstick on your wrist and dabbed
some baby powder over it. I asked my friends and family’s opinion on this
fragrance, and they all thought it smelled horrible. Hey, if you wanna
smell like a 70 year old woman, this fragrance is for you!

Terrance Smith says:

Are you serious? This cologne is fn amazing!!! I’ve had this is rotation
since its release and it’s definitely in my top 10!!! Top notch stuff, very
sophisticated, very powdery, a lil feminine I agree, but it’s the best….

TheFashionbugs says:

“not saying male models are sophisticated”!! worth watching this revies
just for that humor Marc. also the song was perfect for the opening.

topgear1138 says:

@topgear1138 Ooops… just saw that you adressed the Intense at the end. My
bad. 🙁

badcatmcconell1324 says:

This IMO is definitely a love/hate fragrance. Personally, I can’t stand it.
I gave it a good five wearings and every time I asked somebody what they
thought of it, said they didn’t like it. Personally I believe the people
who really enjoy this are the insane fragrance heads who like to smell

blaowbb says:

hair on chest – so thaaaaat’s why i never liked this (or the intense)

Jonathan Bartholomew says:

I have hair on my chest but there are those that I feel wouldn’t be for me
that I actually enjoy a lot. Dior Homme’s entire line is an exquisite

Justin Low says:

hey would you prefer dior homme or prada amber PH???

johnlindemann1 says:

lmao for the Phil Collins song choice. I couldn’t have imagined a better
song choice for this fragrance. How do you come up with what songs to
choose for fragrances?

razscott says:

Brilliant review man, Ideal song to go with it. i went for the intense
version over this with it having better longevity etc. i Wish i cud get a
bottle for that price over here lol, Try twice that in the UK, Thanks man.

Just Truth says:

I was laughing my ass off when you were talking about stopping or not
stopping the video. But, I would have to disagree. For sure. I think it
takes a man to wear this scent. Someone with confidence. ..chest hair or no
chest hair.

CleverDjembe says:

04:27 I have a pretty HAIRY chest, ohhh noooo!! ;PP

Steini3 says:

Talked to him and he said that testing with DHI is done. Review should be
posted in autumn or winter this year. So it won’t be his first. But I’m
excited too!!

suncity22001 says:

this review is genius, the makeup vibe has been described as an Oedipus
lipstick vibe, its a reverse psychology, the scent is amazing, one of the
most elegant, some will say feminine , but in this day and age, those
stereotypes in fragrance are fading..

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