Dior Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2014

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Exclusive report on DIORMAG: http://bit.ly/1fa27qQ Discover the Dior Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2014 collection by Raf Simons. More on: http://www.dior.com/…

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Aneuecinema says:

I love how wierd and new the collection is, and then the desinger is like
totally normal looking.

dd dfa says:

women’s best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so wonderful~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lanier Smith says:

There is something very Felliniesque about the setting, the music and the
clothes. This gave the collection great mood and ambiance with references
to early 60’s glamour amped up to the teens of the 21st Century. Loved the
incredible “feather/bubble wrap” fabrics that moved in opposition to the
models movements. This was a stunning collection and a brilliant show. 

이주영 says:

so beautiful and fresh!

Oliver McErlean says:

Truly modern. Everyone else looks like a dinosaur, except perhaps

Morgan Seaford says:

stunning, a fresh take on Haute Couture

Laura J says:

The fabrics look amazing, and i just NEED those necklaces and rings love
them !! 

สุริยา สุดสาคร says:

i’ve to say.this is the best ever,since Dior lost Galliano.10/10

Joubaier Joubert says:

Raf has really influenced me I’m so glad that Team Dior picked him to move
this house into a new decade, bravo Raf bravo!

loukkaus says:

The stuff of dreams… Exquisite.

Alberto Nuñez says:

I Love Dior!

Romy Drábková says:

new age, structured fabrics are divine like a marine urochordates. The airy
patterns and cuts through remind smart mobile screen. Contemporary couture

Krystian Sierszyński says:

this collection is so amazing! Raf Simons <3

marcu oana says:

name of the song pls

Maharani Ayudya says:

Best show for haute couture s/s 2014

MssDrien says:

I’m head over heels in love with this show!

Jeannine Allen says:


stanbalo says:

love how the dresses move..very structured yet light as a feather

the bar jacket with loose sleeves looks great. Raf’s take on things is
always fresh and balanced.

Любовь Першина says:

супер!!!и показ и музыка и настрой

Sintetika Kannabis says:

Скажите название трека плз

Yn. nagaoka says:

Dior ディオール

Emanuela Neculai says:
Оксана Белостоцкая says:
Megan Young DeBiase says:
marie-thérèse Giacomi says:
Style Strand Fashion says:

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