Dior | Fall Winter 2019/2020 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Christian Dior | Fall Winter 2019/2020 by Maria Grazia Chiuri | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – PFW/Paris Fashion Week)

Sue Verran – Days Like Honey/Connectivity/Advance
Thomas McNeice – Surface

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Hsin I Wang says:

This is so awful. Poor dior.

ugly baby says:

Wow just when I thought it couldn’t get more worse

Peter N. says:

Once you see it you can't unsee it

Rakim8 says:

Same shit. She needs to exit Dior. Stage left..

McGill says:

I can't think of anything more boring and tacky than t-shirt activism.

cheong728 says:

Not a fashion expert, but these clothes look very ….. ordinary. Nothing stands out in terms of shape, color, fabric, styling. It all blends together in a very conservative palette of "new look" shapes ( done every season by Maria ), in very dull colors, all the models look the same, its all very uniform. There's no distinctive aesthetic good or bad. At least if its bad, its still something that people remember. But if you pick the pieces apart, I think you will find very conservative pretty pieces – maybe the stylist is at fault.

Nameless says:

What a tragic venue, music, casting and CLOTHES. Maria Grazia needs to go! Another season full of ugly tulle see- through skirts and ugly t-shirts.

Leo U says:

LVMH should give away Hennessy bottles to all those who now suffer from severe Diorpression #hautelemode. I can't with Maria Grazia and her basic existence. Is she that much cheaper to be staying at Dior this long?!?

Michael Nicola says:

Nothing says Dior like chimney sweeps everywhere. This wouldn’t be bad if it was H&M but this is bloody Dior! How To Kill One Of The Great Names In Fashion. Is anybody reading these comments at Dior Headquarters???????? Every season, my god

Erika Sárdi says:

Not the original music

Mohit Kumar says:

Collection was beautiful but there's lack of creativity ,, we don't expect that from Dior


I didn't mean to be a bitch or something, I do understand Maria's Vision she wanted to to design the thing that are wearable and casual but it have gone to the point where Dior DNA become so cheap looking clothing. Dior DNA could never be found in the collection anymore it's all about boring tulle skirt and dumb ass bucket hat. This is so annoying
I mean look at Dior men/ Dior homme by Kim jones
The charisma ,the charm and the sophistication is present but I still do believe In Maria I know that she can do better even though she Disappointed me again and again season after season.


Maria is no where even close to Simone Rocha the past seasons. I wish she just sticks to designing embroidery patterns and techniques and leave the designing to a real fashion designer

Christian Ramirez says:

boring and ugly collection. Dior Need John Galliano.


This isn’t even funny anymore. How worse can you get with a one silhouette dress season after season – wether it is Ready-to-wear or Haute Couture. Any custom seamstresses from a third world country can work a waist cut tube dress, and or even do a better version from it. #lazydesign #oldvalentino #disappointing #embarrassment

Sam Soh says:

necklace doesn’t fit the theme, I saw a alphabet D dangling around their belt. Damn ugly

Mishka Harris says:

ehhh, the original music is better

Brevenchy says:

Instead of creating a super long f*cking show with XXX amount of shitty looks, can she just make a small collection with QUALITY looks 😭😭😭

Macias8200 says:

I just found out that I could be a designer.

kafkakinder says:

Gross and cheap, still can't understand why MGC hasn't been fired.

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