DIOR – Fall / Winter 2011-2012 Full Fashion Show

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Christian Dior Fall Winter 2011-2012 full fashion show.

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Marlon Cajas Chicaíza says:

I love Candice <3

iamjorgedaniel says:

Raf Simons can’t touch this 😉

gagahead1 says:

Vlada~ <3

cyril benavides says:

the future of fashionistas will envy for those like us that were able to see galliano’s work for dior.. no more i love you’s..

Tom Aerts says:

Eh, wrong.

galaxyrebel13 says:

i love the colours in this collection <3

lstp0136 says:

karlie kloss opened the show (i.e. the first model)

Andres Pelaez says:

John Galliano for DIOR

Sebastian Wendel says:

who ist the designer

kayakopart says:

Me too.

ec796 says:

The outfit at 1:28 is soo Kim kardashian! Am I right or am I wrong

Daniel Ramsey says:

What’s the music playing from 10 mins until like 11 mins?

marchesca1315 says:

Very luxurious but a little too over the top for moi!!

dzividani says:

A little queen in my head started screaming when I saw Vlada walking.

Carolina Lins says:

I want so this boot!

AmenaMT93 says:

Love story – Layo & Bushwaka

TheFabulousIssue says:

Robortom feat Au Revoir Simone – Paganini Rocks (Extended Club Version Vocal) [HQ]

TheFabulousIssue says:

Robortom feat Au Revoir Simone – Paganini Rocks (Extended Club Version Vocal) [HQ]

Siti Fatimah says:

what the title for first song???

Jorge Castillo says:

Love this collection!!!!! best ever!!!

evelynnnn96 says:

what song is this?? at the very beginning

Pindakaas MetHagelslag says:

i always like catwalk music

dancingbutterfly26 says:

What’s the name of the song @ 8:00 ??

jijr0103 says:


itailianphilly says:


TheRunwaylove says:

i have a cuestion when are the fashion shows an example when dior made this runway? when will be the spring summer? in little words when the fashion show starts to each season?

Dora Li says:

I think the first model shouldn’t have put one hand on her hip, but just an opinion…

kamillaa80 says:

Jak zwykle rewelacyjny pokaz, świetne projekty. 

hessiansoldier says:

who;s the girl at 8:45?? please!

abquur absi says:

breath taking!

vsboy25 says:

how many innocent Russian animals died for these clothes, probably need $50,000 dollars for one jacket.

Emma Pattihis says:

song list?

foxxy9104 says:


jesuishillary says:

 not bad

fiongshe says:


Pindakaas MetHagelslag says:

whooh, faux fur stays.

Pindakaas MetHagelslag says:

the first model is so elegant.

CindyLivier Murguia says:

whats the name of the song in the begining?

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