“Dior” designer Raf Simons – Spring Summer 2013 pret-a-porter Paris by FashionChannel

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“Dior” designer Raf Simons – Spring Summer 2013 pret-a-porter Paris by FashionChannel The designer Raf Simons had clearly dug deep not just into Christian Di…

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ucha Lordkipanidze says:

მომეწონა რაღაცეები. დიორის პირობაზე კარგი იყო. დიდიხანია დიორით არ დავინდავინტერესებულვარ (y)

engin engincim says:

i love dior

aiiraam100 says:

cool <3

Evo Shomar says:

so 50s i love it

Kyawthet Aung says:

What kind of fabric are those shiny watery ones?

Галина Фарфель says:


prudencenanou18 says:

rafs debut collection was actually really great but everything after that went down hill, it really doesnt suit dior.

Rainiexli says:

…disappointed. nothing is new about this collection

osagallo says:


Bleu Mackenzie says:

love the make up

lavieonrose1 says:

where are you Galliano?? come back!!!!

sjkaystuart1 says:

Oh dear!!

Bernice Senga says:

i miss Galiano 🙁

Pat Anni says:

Richard, St Paul and Joey… Clearly you have no idea of what fashion, elegance and minimalism are. Save your comments and do some homework, you sound like 3 queens… Fashion is not about that anymore, wake up!

TheStpaul says:

This is..very ugly collection..god!…I miss John galliano!..Dior done something mistake I think..

Richard Leclerc says:

lousy.not just bad,but lousy.raf simons should be fired.there was absolutely no dior to be seen.
where was the joy?where was the beauty?certainly not here.the dresses did not look”sexy” they looked cheap.simply sad and cheap.dior needs to fire simons and bring back gaytlen.
no beauty,no elegance no happiness.lousy.fire simons and rehire gaytlen.this was horrible.simply horrible.

JoeyLaRue100 says:

This has to be the worst Dior collection I have ever seen. Dont get me wrong Raf Simons is an amazing designer – not sure if right for Dior though. Bring back Bill Gaytten!

Nicollass2001 says:


Kjadija Kassa says:

thank you beautiful


Stunning collection, Raif Simmons is a minimalist master with a touch of elegance! He mixes luxe fabrics and textures with basics like no other designer..

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