Dior Addict, the new lipstick – The film

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More on: http://on.dior.com/dioraddictlipstick

Discover the new Dior Addict Lipstick,the first ultra-shiny lipstick featuring a hydra-gel core by Dior. Now defy the limits of shine like Jennifer Lawrence.

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iiXuL says:

I love her hairstyle!!!!

Nadia Martinez says:

Jennifer Lawrence is so fabulous! ?☝??✨?????

MyLifeAsLouis says:

Lookin' gorgeous with that lipstick! #shinedontbeshy

Sarath Cordaro says:

wow. beautiful

Eszter Barabás says:

Alexa Fabris I agree! Jen is very pretty!

황윤경 says:


Dahye Choi says:


cindvideo says:

this tone of pink is amazing ! I want to buy that :)

donotdroptheminky says:

She's beautiful, as usual.

jennifer baviera says:

Jeeeeeeeeen ???? sooo pretty

Alexa Fabris says:

My god Jen you are so beautiful WOW Dior well choice

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