Dice Control: Unbalanced Dice Part 11 Follow Up Video Series : Why Not To Play The Darkside With Bad Dice

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Part 11. Video proof why Playing the Don’t Pass is not an automatic win as suggested by many. John Scarne explains these are Percentage dice. Furthermore, Aaron Hightower on Wizard of Vegas.com explained: “Here’s an image to explain the exposure. This is modeled from random outcomes from theoretically biased 9,8,8,8,8,9 dice. You can find more detail in other threads.

But this shows the exposure on betting the don’t or the don’t come every roll and laying max odds compared to the extra edge on the do side in graphical form.

In general, there is $0.20 per roll advantage to the player with 345x lay odds if you can handle volatility. Notice on this chart, it’s not until 20,000 rolls that you get enough events for the $0.20 per roll advantage to be seen. IE: the $0.20 exposure is only apparent after a mere 200 hours of play due to the excessive volatility on 345x odds (most individuals would give up, but the house is in it for the long haul).

10x odds has more volatility but there’s a whole $0.60 per roll advantage if you’re willing to lay max odds on a $5 bet (IE: laying $100 on every four and ten rolled!). $0.60 per roll, yeah, just clean up there. Show us how you’re ready to put up a $20,000 bankroll to get $0.60 per roll advantage once you nail a pair of these unfair dice with 4 hours of counting faces.

None of this long term effect means anything to anyone except those who are truly in it for the long term. IE: it affects the edge over very long periods of time on free bets to favor the house on passline bets in theory at the expense of a possible slight exposure on the don’t pass for anyone who can withstand ups and downs of tens of thousands of dollars. …” http://wizardofvegas.com/forum/gambling/craps/13148-bad-dice-the-saga-continues/29/

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