Dice Control: Unbalanced Dice Part 1 : Bad Dice In Las Vegas Casinos, MUST SEE!!!

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Part 1 – In this video series Koganinja will be presenting true stories, book facts, new dice tests and AHigh’s Epic Fail Live on the internet. If you are not familiar who AHigh is please allow me to explain. After I had posted my first two videos on YouTube showing biased dice, a gentleman named AHigh decided he would try to debunk my videos. This is when the controversy really began to get going. A gentleman by the name of Harley whose website can be found here: http://crapsadvantageplayers.blogspot.com/ was the one who actually discovered unbalanced dice in Las Vegas.

It was from his website I found the information on biased dice which set me on my own investigation into biased dice, what I found was shocking, which is why I then made my first two videos. It was after that that these two gentlemen got into crazy heated debates on the internet over my videos, Harley saying they exist and AHigh saying they don’t. This having enraged AHigh, AHigh then told everyone in the craps world on the internet he was going to build a custom dice balancing caliper to prove to the world once and for all NO BIASED dice exist! Go AHigh! As for me it was more of, OK let’s see him do it. Months go by and AHigh has a custom built dice balancing caliper made by some ex-technician of Rolex and spending three grand on building costs. It was at this point he makes a video and tries again to debunk my videos. I myself never believed he proved nothing, if anything he just had not come across a set of biased dice, that’s all. But to say none exist ever, yeah right! It was at this point AHigh sent his video to the craps community and becomes the “Poster Child For NO Biased Dice Exist” and all the dice gurus jump on his bandwagon. Go AHigh! Life goes on and I fall back into the shadows to do my thing and have fun. Then months go by and I’m sent a link to The AHigh Show on Ustream. I check it out for like 15 minutes and find I’m bored to tears and I turn it off so I can use my time to watch a movie instead.

A week goes by and I’m sent another link by a friend again to The AHigh Show. I click on to watch, as I’m doing other things I hear the words dice caliper, come to find out during the demo AHigh was doing a ton of 6-1 Seven-outs, as well as 4s and 10s kept showing up. As per request by Harley who was in the chat too. AHigh agrees to bring out the $3000 caliper; I grab my pocket video camera to record the action. As faith would have it the dice in question come up UNBALANCED! It’s at this point AHigh’s world comes crashing down around him! The “Poster Child For No Biased Dice Exit” has an EPIC FAIL live on the internet which you will see in this 15 Part video series. So enjoy the series and like I said before, believe what you will as I know, no matter what some see and are told some people will just not believe under any circumstances.

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