Details of the Fall-Winter 2015/16 Ready-to-Wear CHANEL Collection

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See the details of the Fall-Winter 2015/16 Ready-to-Wear collection.
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Title: “Lonely Star”
Artists: Ismaël de Saint-Léger & Sophie Maison
Label: Cézame

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Shanice Mon amour says:

Some of these outfits were lovely. Loved the collection.

SUPER YOLA ;3 says:

cara delevingne is perfect :3

Gratzzian Gratzzian says:

balif city

Morgan Groshek says:

Can't wait to watch the show on here! My mom and I always sit and watch them together :)

‫فاطمة حمود‬‎ says:


Léna Bengui says:

am i the only one who's surprised to see cara ?
anyway, i love the clothing, as usual (:

Deniz _ says:

dear god please make me rich

Leo Reyes says:

Cant find this song anywhere!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!! LoL

Fatimah Abdulsahib says:


Fatimah Abdulsahib says:

Very good


Beautiful song!!

Linda Le says:

YAY Cara returned so much better than Kendall

naoyuki miyawawa says:

thank you!
every time good news like video.
i study your collection.

Khawla Ghouzali says:

Cara is Bae?


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I love classic" Chanel " however we are living in the future of fashion , as an artist i want to see the reinventing of the the Chanel label something that is untouchable to the average person lets be real no one can really compete with Chanel clearly they are quintessential period. but this was very BLAH no shade, i look at these videos for visual inspiration and i was left wanting a cookie. THAT'S ALL

Jonas Cavalcanti says:

Really beautiful! Strong Chanel identity once again showing that dress is much more than a simple act.

Sophia Körner says:

It's so inspiring and beautiful

Настя Петрова says:

please, tell me how called this song?

Kimberly Martínez says:

Todas son tan hermosas ?

Pat P says:

I really miss Cara.

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