Designer Fashion Haul | By Malene Birger, Valentino, Birkenstock Etc.

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Hi sweethearts ♡ My long awaited fashion haul is finally here and in this video I’ll share with you my latest fashion buys and I hope you’ll enjoy! xx


– Le Grenier, T-Shirt
– Baum Und Pferdgarten, Shirt Marisela
– Custommade, Hawin White Shirt with Collar Ornaments
– Calvin Klein, Nightwear “Grey Heather” & “Black”
– IRO, Clay T-Shirt Black
– Samsøe Samsøe, Sanella O-Neck
– By Malene Birger, Mantanu Knit
– By Malene Birger, T-Shirt Black
– By Malene Birger, Acitae Silk Shirt
– By Malene Birger, Pura Jumper
– Valentino, Garavani ‘Rockstud Noir’ Pump
– Birkenstock, Arizona BF White Narrow Fit


Top: Capezio
Nail Polish: Chanel, “Sweet Lilac” (LIMITED EDITION)
Lips: MAC, Lipstick “Angel”



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xx (amilla Frederikke

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Natacha Mikkelsen says:

Everybody please remember: when she says 800 for 2 pair of pants it is in Danish kr… That's like 120$

Natacha Mikkelsen says:

Everybody please remember: when she says 800 for 2 pair of pants it is in Danish kr… That's like 120$

Beauty With Kristina says:

She spent almost $800 on 2 pairs of pants that she will wear at home for lounging around in? Damn I wish I was that rich :'(

Emma Timmermann says:

Du må have en rig far, hahahahah

Nathalie Rønning says:

omg what is the prize of those valentino shoes? I'm dying

Careluvzu says:

omg you got so many cute pieces!! just came across your channel and subscribed 🙂 hope you will make a stop by mine one day :)

Crazy Mofo says:

Those Valentino's are my dream!!!!

Kathrinedl dahlsgaard Larsen says:

hvordan kan du få råd til alt dette

Dwightinho56 says:

Så fint at Valentino har åpnet i København! Dine Rockstuds er ikke Limited Edt men fra Valentino's Noir kolleksjon (derfor er skoesken og dustbags sorte og ikke rød) som har vært ute et par år nå. Navnet hans er Valentino Garavani og ikke en del av kolleksjonens navn. Flott haul.

Simonette Boekel (willowandfigs) says:

Loveee your videos Camilla! I would absolutely love it if you did some videos showing how you style these items, like more fashion videos? Just a suggestion! Love you xxx

Rebecca “Bjørck Elite” Karlsson says:

baum und pferdgarten er da tysk?

Katrine Møller says:

Please stop saying "cray cray"… It drives me crazy. Just use crazy instead of cray cray, much better :-)

Marina G says:

Hey love this video and all these pieces. Those Valentino heels are so beautiful and dreamy. I subbed you're channel, it would be great if you could sub mine back :)

marie simpson says:

I love your hauls.

Laura S says:

OMG the Valentino heels are freaking beautiful!!!

Andrea Bjerregaard says:

Super video ❤️

Emma Sørensen says:

Hej Camilla 🙂 Hvordan har du råd til alt dette lækre tøj??? Det er seriøst et mål for mig at have råd til disse ting, når jeg flytter hjemmefra en gang om nogle år 😉 

Michele Greig says:

Would be nice to see the items on you too!!

Paige Eacock says:

how much was the valentinos? xx

Johanna D says:

Omg, those shoes are to die for!! :)

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