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Designer Autumn Haul – Designer Unboxing – Fendi Unboxing – Chanel Unboxing

Finally got a chance to sit down and show you what I got for my birthday a few weeks ago. Each year, I put aside some money to treat myself and here’s what I went for this year. Can’t wait to see what you think!! And Kaelin + Mom also got me the nicest treat which I show you in this video too. Hope you enjoy! Erika x

This video is NOT sponsored.

Brooch (Similar):

What I’m wearing:
Blazer: (US) / (EU)

Snapchat: @retroflame1

Camera used:
Music: Soundcloud/YouTube

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Debbie Vidal says:

Why would anyone pay over $400 for a metal brooch? I'd expect 18ct gold at that price. It's just costume jewelry 🤷

Lorrie says:

I purchased those Fendi shoes in the mules style. Absolutely love them. Perfect for NYC walking.

Silvia Sauc says:

Love, love the shoes!

wizkidsvideos says:

Happy Birthday 🎈🎂🎉

Chris Prpich says:

Loved all your purchases. There gorgeous.And I love your hair. It’s always nice to change your hair up a little bit.
Loved the video as always. Can’t wait for the next one. 😀 ❤️

Lyn DS says:

Why did I had a feeling it was going to be a Chanel cardholder?! Do you know the price if you don’t mind sharing? The brooch is absolutely beautiful and very you 🙂
The Fendi shoes are indeed not my cup of tea but I can definitely see you wearing & styling them! Very happy for you 😘

Vanessa Vianna says:

These purchases are beautiful ❤️

Rosie Dominguez says:

ERIKA, YOU LOOK STUNNING, the earrings and I'm loving the shorter hair. I feel like shorter hair is so chic and you look lovely! Loved all your picks as well, treat yo' self, you deserve it boss babe!

Kim Belford says:

I love the fendi shoes!!

Livebreatheatsleep says:

Well done for working hard to afford expensive things, you have every right to spend your wealth as you wish… but just letting you know how your content comes across to me personally. you never seem to show much humility. Would be lovely to see you use your wealth to help others as well as treating yourself or even express gratitude for what you have.

naledi says:

I absolutely love the sling back Fendi shoes. And everything else too😍

Anne Moran says:

love the brooch and shoes. Your hair is really nice that length. Isnt it lovely that you can get nice presents for yourself for birthday . You worked hard for them Enjoy.

aoifemhaughey says:

Well wear!! Love the Chanel brooch 😍 I'm going to start saving now for mine. Great idea to gift yourself something from your wishlist! Great pieces, enjoy!

Coco Orenstein says:

Luv Chanel Virgo. Stunning

Josanne Phelps says:

Love the hair cut and new purchases #retroflamefam

cathy gallagher says:

Beautiful classic pieces , love how your designer buys are always such considered purchases and bought to be worn and enjoyed xx

Gracie’s Place says:

Hi Erika .. happy belated birthday .. your shoes are fabulous!!! I love them ❤️. Yes I noticed straight away you had your hair cut, its beautiful 🤗. I recently too had about 4 inches off my hair and it feels great!! 💕

Life of Aimée says:

love the hair length Erika & OMG those shoes are FAB – Well wear! Enjoy all your new pieces – you deserve them.

Audrey says:

Gorgeous purchases! Love them!

Jillian RH says:

The shorter hair looks SO MUCH BETTER. Who knew something like a cut could make such a difference (it looked great before also lol, just much more NY/Irish Girl Boss now!).

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