D.I.Y. Gucci Mane’s Bart Simpson Chain | Cheap Thrills

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Frio alert: Tabasko shows you how to make your own version of Gucci Mane’s Bart Simpson chain.

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Super Deluxe says:

Looking for a back-to-school clout boost? 'Basko's got you covered. https://sprdlx.co/2whZDHm

Madd Dogg Reviews says:


David Theran says:

Ma boy cheap but clean 😤😤😤

joshua talun says:

he looks like a gingerbread cookie

navinewolf says:

Holy fuck I have no idea how I stumbled across this but you sir may be the coolest man on earth and this shit is pure rose gold. Subscribed. Hopefully some of your sweet sweet swag will rub off on me if I try hard enough.

Jayden Sanders says:

please make 6 9 Pony chain

Len Tayo says:

Hmmm…WTF where is WILL at???

NoRealPattern says:

Matt Groening: Tip to toe, that's a Bart

blickblocks says:

This is the dumbest shit ever and I love it

Tefo Myambo says:

Ayo Basko, what happened to your vape

Tabon says:

DIY Alyx chest rig

That1dudee says:

3:50 Proof this man is lonely and still living in his moms basement;-; This dude needs help: )

Back Garden Wrestling says:

Looks so fake

Keenan Vizina says:

I love the part of the channel I love all the videos but honestly I think this one was complete shit compared to your other tutorials this one needs to be redone properly the fuego way

Karla vargas says:

so you got verified on Instagram and you don't let mfs know? WHO GOT YOU HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

dancy turnip says:

And can u start posting where u get the materials . I'm sorry where tf u find rhinestones

dancy turnip says:

Make gunna's YSL chain

Gary Beck says:

No you dumb fuck, look like self…! That’s fuego the ducks dumb ass.

Lowkey Aj says:

d.i.y durag

Diamond Owl says:

Do lil yahty Bart

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