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Hi my lovelies!!!! I am sharing my old and new faves in this vid!!! Thank you so much for watching my GRWM vid and also entering the giveaway! Another beauty GIVEAWAY is coming up in my Sephora haul vid! 😍 PLZ give this vid thumbs up if you like more of FAVE vids from me! 🙏🏼❤️😘 xoxo cc

What I am wearing in this vid——————————

Cardigan (xs, pacific blue/heather grey)

Tank top (white, xxs)

Necklace single same look with less

Necklace long (gold)


Nail polish (vibrato)

FEATURED ITEMS ———————————————-

Flat iron (upgraded version but same technology) +better priced GHD flat iron

Hair oil

Eye shadow (mauve)

Foundation peripera (sand cover)

Clinique BB cream (light)

Eye liner tom ford

Better price eye liner I love

Gucci marmot shoes (half size down, crystal pink)

White shoes sold out, similar

Korean skincare serum


Hand lotion (cheaper)

Chanel hand cream

Tom Ford cream eye shadow (golden peach)
*other cream eyeshadow (platinum)

Chanel vanity case bag
+black available
Another black

Chanel tote
+Organizer (10% OFF code ‘charis’)

Lv toiletry 19 (reasonably priced I found)
+Organizer for toiletry here

My gym bag (black, large)

Necklace three in one

Long necklace (gold)

Toddler denim jacket

Patch denim jacket

Adidas kids sneakers

20% off sale code ‘Rougebonus’ for rouge member for now!

Hair protector

Eye shadow (ruby, topaz)

Bestsellers kit tatcha

Hair dryer
+this and below I wanted to pick
another hair dryer with gifts

Loose powder

Lip mask set

Laneige set

Hair shampoo total set

Glow set

Hair silken trios set(travel set)

Blush cheek pallet (great value)

Lash kit

Ouai kit

MY all time fav mascara

Makeup cleanser


#charisloves #favorites #lvlovercc

Instagram lvlovercc

email address

Thank you for watching!!! Xoxo cc

All my own opinions shared, NOT Sponsored, some links are affiliate links where I get tiny amount of commission with the sale but doesn’t affect the price of the items for you guys!

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Amy Ash says:

I cannot effort any luxury stuffs but i really love watching your video. ❤

Sabrina Sydney says:

I also
Love those Marmont shoes!!! When they first came out I bought three pairs!!! And I don’t buy designer stuff on a regular basis!!! They are just so amazing!!❤️❤️❤️I got black, pink, and gold!!!🤗🤗.

Ji-Yeun Jung says:

Great favorites 👍. Is it true, that TF lipsticks go quickly bad after one year? Did you experience this?

jungah mimi says:

어머나 찐자 한국사람이에요 몰라서요 :/

PreMeYumLife says:

Great faves my lady n thanks for sharing! ❤️👍🏻😘😘😘Sandy

Rotha Sumsung says:

I love the necklaces you show very much

Shylaja Pillai says:

The new nail colour looks so classy on you… love it

Wechat:topreplica4329 Wechat:topreplica4329 says:

Amazing video!!你好亲们,可以➕威信topreplica4329。我是做高端复刻奢侈品的,有包包,鞋子,衣服,饰品。

Jinger Xu says:

Nice bag!Can you compare Chanel vanity case bag and Chanel Mini?Which one fits more?Thank you~

HG Lim says:

Hi Charis, would you please do a comparison review for your red coco Chanel and this vanity bag like the quality of the leather and which one is easier for pairing with outfits. Also, which one will you choose if you could only have one. Thank you.

Teresa Teresa says:

The pink Gucci shoes are still my favorite, but i cannot find it until now. So sad 🙁 your cooking is the best! i learned how to cook ox tail soup from you and my son love it to the max 🙂 I would love to see more cooking video from you, thanks!

Gabby Tyaskencana says:

Love this video 😍
Keep vlogging Charis


JenJen83 says:

Omg Charis!!!! I got the GHD platinum+ this weekend too 😂😂 just because my daughters have taken my other ghd flat iron… teenagers. And I got a Dyson dryer during last year’s rouge sale!!! You are going to LOVE it! Oh… and I actually wanted to get the Dyson airwrap but of course it’s sold out everywhere 😓

Jasminka D. says:

Oh I love your favourites. So many pretty items. Joshua's Adidas shoes look like mine I wore in the 80ies 😍

Eva Lee says:

Love your favorites! I love the shoes they are my favorite!! Your hair looks so lovely and love the long necklace you
had on so pretty.. Thanks for sharing again! XOXO

eva harvey says:


Nia Cabrera says:

If you don’t mind me asking, how much was the Chanel Vanity? It’s so beautiful! I want to know how far out of my budget it is, if I can find one!!

Kathlyn Z Beleno says:

Great favorites!! And yes I totally relay on you my daughter and same age as your son and yes they are growing so fast and learning to dress up on their own and yes what they love so much they keep on wearing it and I need to tack her in that if her favorite shoes will brake she couldn’t wear it anymore coz it’s not available already I said and she will switch it to her other shoes. Maybe try that trick hopefully it will help!! 😘 have a great day!! 😘

Shital Patel says:

Your hair is looking so good. Pls do a tutorial

Thanh-Van Nguyen says:

Those bags .. it a cuties.. yea u going to luv the dyson 😊

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