Cruise 2017/18 CHANEL Show

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Full film of the CHANEL Cruise 2017/18 fashion show that took place on May 3rd, 2017 in Paris.

Artist: Alex Menzies
Title: Greek Mode
Courtesy of Alex Menzies

Artist: Lena Platonos
Title: Bloody Shadow From Afar
Title: Witches
Courtesy of Dark Entries / Seed Point

Artist: Lo Kindre
Title: Torment Of One
Title: Golden Filter: Dust (extended mix)
Courtesy of Optimo Music

Artist: Naum Gabo
Title: Popova
Courtesy of Naum Gabo

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carol castera tordet says:

Toujours magique les defiles Chanel

Pablo M ́t says:

14:22 where did she go? LOL

otisberlin says:

Divine collection, in all respects

Adriana Biskupska says:

Nefretete style.

Pseut0 says:


Jonathan de la C says:

Mariana Zaragoza, Mexicana, Min: 12:07 ?????

Salome of Herodias says:

I honestly have to say, that I'm somewhat disappointed by this show…I don't know why but I just feel like it's nothing new, really. When I watched the other cruise collections I always was blown away by it. They seemed to take you in an other world, especially the Bombay Cruise, that one is my absolute favorite. But with this one not so much or at least that's how I feel about it.

Venessy M says:

I love the celeb-free collection

Venessy M says:

The models are beautiful. The atmosphere of the set is wonderful too. Very different, I never know what to expect next from Chanel & it draws me back each time. I don't know if I'll ever afford anything from this luxury brand, but that's what makes it luxurious. I always wonder what Coco would think of her brand now. Brilliant work yet again


AMEI a coleção ❤❤❤

3chateaufleur3 says:

This is my favorite collection from Karl from the last few years. The accessories are true art.

Margarita says:

Lagerfeld as always you did an amazing job and understanding the Greek behind it is amazing❤️

Sarah Edwards says:

Such a great collection. This is definitely my favorite collection in a long time. Loving the Greek and somewhat Egyptian vibes. For some reason I also see a slight Tudor Era vibe with a few of the pieces. Beautiful.

ERIKA FU says:

mi piace lo show di questa volta

Emma Peregrine says:

Liked the video before watching it…who's the others here like me?

Miriam Escurra says:

Très beau ?

ukc l says:

scary music at first.

Rasya Laras says:

finally a genuine show!

Nan G says:

at 7:04 that bish was hating so hard on that model, OMG

오인짱 says:

Chanel design is becoming so boring… i wont call this a show i will just call this like donno somekinda fake fashion documentary?

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