Cruise 2011/12 Ready-To-Wear Show – CHANEL

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Cruise 2011/12 Ready-to-Wear Show: Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Cap d’Antibes, May 9th
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Soundtrack: Hercules and Loves affair / Painted eyes – Original Version, in flagranti Version & Wolfram Remix

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Mary Chapin says:

This is my favorite.  The  clothes are  so great…. colors sandle spats please send me a pair..  jthe music makes me walk and the models my favorites too.

Carlos Ferri Gato says:

Оставим этот клоун сообщение Нет. ВИДНО ЧТО-ТО Я ЕСМЬ

Carlos Ferri Gato says:

Версия ВСЕ ЭТИ ГЛАЗА, КОТОРЫЕ НЕ повернуть назад. КАК БЫЛА И КАК БЫЛА Нет, это не сойти с ACCEPT МИССИЮ, помню только, ответить на них FOOL HI, эта половина ХОТЕЛ, СЛУЖИТЬ Позади BELL.ВОПРОС В ТОМ, ЧТО ВРЕМЯ Вали не активируете там в ПОЖАРА

Carlos Ferri Gato says:

Version Tous ces yeux qui ne reculent. COMMENT A ÉTÉ ET COMMENT a pas eu, QUE pas descendre du MISSION ACCEPTER, RAPPELEZ-VOUS SEULEMENT POUR RÉPONDRE les tromper HI, cette demi WANTED, SERVIR DERRIÈRE est la cloche. LA QUESTION EST TEMPS QUE VALI, PAS IL activé

動画のアップロード須川渡 says:


Ikhwan Hamdan says:

Barbara Palvin <3

Juan Ricardo Huerta says:

Who's the model in the minute 4:17 ?? 
Please, anybody knows

Gonzalo Martin says:

Kristen McMenamy <3

Al J says:

Stylish and breathtaking.
It's like being in Heaven, surrounded by the most beautiful angels.

Pamela Collet says:

what a beautiful necklace worn by the model. j'aimerai avoir une chaine comme Elle. naturellement ca coute tres cher mais on peut quand meme desir les bijoux de Chanel :-)

Blackpanda says:

Sigrid Agren looks so beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Corn “Beef” is Best says:

5:36 Drunk as fuck. 

Денис Королев says:


ivan block says:

the choice of fabrics looks quite thick for cruise collection, maybe this is the fall/winter cruise? because i rarely see fall/winter cruise collection 

Sarka Prokopova says:

Karolina Kurkova's walk is so sensual and classy here. I swear she has one of the best walks ever…and I am not biased because I am czech too. 😉 

alaneasable says:

anyone who wants to know the awesome song's name: Hercules & Love Affair – Painted Eyes

took me a while to find it. :D

João Valério Jacinto says:

Um belissimo vidio !  Cruzeiro 2011 / 12 Ready – To – Wear Show – CHANEL. Lindo,lindo,lindo !  Vale apena rever !

Leon Doyle says:

Amazing I'm blown away!!!!

tictocmm says:

Kristen McMenamy coked out of her mind…

vegato1 says:

Man kann diese mucke gut auf dem mp3 oder ipod hören….wackelt man im normalen straßenrummel genau so durch die gegend….kommt sicher gut…..hihi

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