Cristion D’or – Panda (Dj Kass Remix)

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Cristion D’or – Panda (Remix)

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Nini Tejada says:


Christopher Street says:

What's a tot

Joost Kempen says:

Intro so annoying

Miriam Muñoz says:

digo periko y como relámpago yo tava moviendo lo kilo

luvlymami29 says:

u know shits poppin when u viewed this video like 100 times…????❤❤❤❤??

Brandon Garcia says:

Dis straight fire ????

Keily Amber says:

who wanna be a tot

Katz SM says:

The best❣

luvlymami29 says:

lol.. that tot shit. nigga left that hoe with sagging tits in the cold.. yo this shit gave me goose bumps u nice cris.. lets collaborate one day i rap 2. and im dominican☺

Clara Sierra says:

just shouting you out. big fan . .. You are a beast English or Spanish

LeViathan says:

make an extended version

kinoklk nava says:


Robert Bisbal says:

yooo this shit right here!!!! is fireee!!!

Shenarah Ebony says:

Eh… it's cool

Giordano Cerrano says:

I ain't here to play with you ass, Kanye and amber!

311Hanel says:

This is the hottest version yet!! Cristion D'or nailed it

jose aquino says:


Jesus Adames says:

This shit iz mega tuff!@!!

Jonathan Vargas says:


Stalim Rivero says:

What camera dis u use for that video ,??? It is awsome

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