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Hey everyone! Today I’m finally taking a look at Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau de Parfum (Y EDP). This fragrance has received much more praise than the original Y EDT and I’ve got to say I like the EDP more as well. The original EDT is a very versatile and people pleasing fragrance and the EDP is as well, while being a richer and better made fragrance overall. As always, thanks for watching!

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Gents Scents says:

2nd update – FragranceBuy just got in Y EDP for about $72 USD for the smaller size bottle if anyone is interested ->

rakhi jariwala says:

Shockingly it doesn’t get me a single compliment even after 8 sprays

Ausencias says:

Who cares about compliments? Most people have generic taste anyway.

Horror Scents says:

Great review Ash, keep them coming. I'm back and will continue to watch the content my man!

John Doute says:

Just picked some up and I really like it. I had the original Y and I liked it but I didn't love it. I love this though, better than Sauvage IMO, and neck and neck with BdC EDP. It's a little brighter and more youthful than BdC EDP. Perfect for warmer weather in my opinion, good for any occasion IMO. I think it's a little more seductive than people think, it's a sort of nice to be close to type of scent.

citizen kage says:

I just picked up a tester bottle of the 100ml Edp on fragrancenet for $40 with the 37% off code. I couldn’t believe it but it’s true. The bottle just came in yesterday and while I think it smells really good…the performance is lacking. Of course naturally, for me anyways, I get to thinking it’s a bunk bottle and that’s why I got it for so cheap.

Paradox xodarap says:

I felt that this smell had a very tangy aroma that wasn't particularly chemical in it's presentation. At the same time it had a subtle sweetness to it and a light springtime vibe. I feel it is a fantastic scent that's highly under-rated with a touch of ambroxin and amberwood and also I'm going to buttfuck your grandma.

Greg Colin says:

This is currently one of my favorites! The house of YSL is just awesome!

Jameson Cruz says:

This fragrance is too strong for me, I pass on this one, for me it smells to earthy, but i guess a lot of people like it, so more power to you guys. (:

Monks says:

The longevity on this thing is insane, 12+ hours but it really reminds me of invictus aqua

Felix Johnson says:

Is this redundant if I already own BdC EDP and Sauvage EDP? People keep throwing those two names at this one, but the note breakdowns are quite different. Is this just another "blue" scent?

Charles Martin says:

I trust your nose it's the mustache that's questionable.
That's what she said.
Just teasing great review.

M Nadz says:

Has become one of my favorites. The more I put it on, the more I fell in love with it. I’m rocking it up here in New Hampshire in “teen” temperatures and it performs. Plenty of my customers have commented on how “pleasant” it smells. YSL hit a home run with this one. It will be worked into my rotation year round.

Renos Christou says:

Ordered it. Pricey, even more than Dior.

Cfourty says:

I order it for 80 bucks on eBay

SuperSlim says:

Is it better than Wanted By night for you?

Madhav Abrol says:

Better than aventus .?

enrico diberardino says:

It s a shit parfum, only in the open is good

Good Scents From Pete says:

A wee tip my scented friend, when saying Yves Saint Laurent, try pronouncing it as Eve Sant Lawrawnt. It has to roll off the tongue. Great channel by the way…

Nicky T says:

Great review, this lasts so much longer than the original Y and it does get me compliments.

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