Comp video of the Louis Vuitton zippy compact wallet and the Louis Vuiton compact Curieuse wallet!

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Please watch the requested comparison video of these two beautiful wallets! Enjoy!

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miapt4you says:

Thanks for your videos. Yours was one of the videos I looked at when deciding what wallet to get. I got the zippy compact…finally!!! I LOOOVE it! Best set wallet setup ever. TFS, Cindy 🙂 

Esther Poon says:

Nice comparison between these wallets. I have the ZCW and wondering if thickness of Curieuse wallet is similar to ZCW once you transfer all the cards over. Looking to get Curieuse to carry in my Pochette Metis. Thanks. 

doowopshopgal says:

The compartment where you keep your receipts on the zippy compact wallet will American dollars fit flat in there or will they get caught in the zipper?

MakeupJunkieNHijab says:

Great comparison video! I'm a person who carries a check book, so the showing of the LV zippy compact SOLD ME! lol…..Thanks for sharing :)

slryan says:

Sorry, guess I should be more specific.  I really like the zippy compact wallet, but I have 2 concerns.  With CC slots on both sides – it gets kind of bulky where they meet when it's closed.  Since I put coins in my wallet, adding the coins to this makes it even bulkier at the upper part of the wallet.  So I was wondering what you do with your coins.

slryan says:

Where do you keep your coins?

StephanieMarie says:

Gorgeous wallets! Now i dont know which to choose?! 

altertheskyy1 says:

i am so in love with the empreinte leather…. 

Aracelis Correa (shelly17lv) says:

Hi. girl just wanted to thank you for such an excellent review on the zippy compact wallet in the monogram last one made in France. I got mines yesterday and I am so happy with it, the storage for the size is amazing. can't believe I waited so long to have this piece in my collection. 

sarah cooper says:

Great video. Is that a Tiffany arrow necklace you are wearing? It,s very nice x

DB101415 says:

Great video. Very thorough and informative. Thank you for sharing.

Helenne20 says:

Both are beautiful and I just bought the Cle in empreinte and love it so much. Great video.

CatLover says:

great review thank you for ur video. they are both so beautiful and I think I want them both a mono zippy compact and a colorful one in the emp leather.. 

CapeCodBelle says:

Great review! Thanks for sharing!

Reesh says:

Zippy compact has always been my fav but after watching ur videos hv started liking the curieuse too..i think the latter wud b a gr8 choice to go inside my alma bb thn the zippy coin purse..looks more functional too for a small wallet..thnx for doing these videos..i mostly do my lv shopping these videos really help in my all i need is the moolah..?????

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

I like the look of the zippy, seems like a tardis.

GwenEntrance says:

thank you for doing this video! so helpful!

MSpanders10 says:

I love this video, you are so sweet and fun to watch.  I love both wallets!  Thank you so much for doing this review it really helps. 

Handbags World says:

I have both and I love both so much. I actually bought the LV compact Curieuse wallet in black after I watched you do your unboxing on it. I was searching for something small and black with gold hardware and after I saw your review I knew that is what I was looking for. So thank you so much for sharing.

Heike Schneider says:

I had the zippy compact too. But I sold it because coin pocket was too small for me. Now I have the Clemence wallet, and I love love love it !

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