Come Luxury Shopping with Me in Boston – Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior

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Come shopping with me in my hometown Boston! I bring you to all the luxury boutiques with me including Chanel, Dior, Gucci and so much more!

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Uncle Barry says:

Erica do you do strip teases in those clothes for Scott? You know, try to make the man feel better about the fact he's made 0 gains in like half a decade lol.

FitnessFountainOfKnowledge says:

Are you Scott's bitch?

Tariq Shakib says:

Ok i am sorry 4 my words.. i take them back..

Tariq Shakib says:

U wanted every thing but didnt get buying anything😜

Paris Hilton says:

Every time I’ve been to the Saks in Boston, the staff SUCKSS. The Gucci Boston boutique was just as lame. I’m gonna stick to NYC.

JFontMakeup says:

Love these type of videos!!! Your family is adorable ❤️

per magnus haig says:

Erica, you are just so adorable !!!! Your blogs, style and insight is just oxygene to me , thank you !!! All the best from your Norwegian friend, Magnus

Cheri Eagleson says:

Erica!!!! This was such a beautiful video with you and the family! Thank you so much for sharing my friend. Scott and Chrystal are so much fun to watch too. Scott and his comment, "I forgot my wallet at home." LOL! That might work, but in the beginning of the video, you saw his wallet in his pocket. You guys are just the cutest family. I love you all.

I love all the beautiful products you were looking at too. Thanks again for sharing with us. 🙂

Thi Le says:

wow, Ericas…..what can I say ??? you look stunning in your mini skirt, goodness you look much younger with time. please tell me the secret ? is it to live your life full of happiness with your handsome hubby and a beautiful girl like model that make you look younger with time. I can say….so envies with your youthfulness, so happy for you my dear. You deserve it, god bless

Alex Gar says:

Oh my gosh…drooling over those new Fendi bags, and oh my the LV are my fav! But Dior is the best Erica.thanks for sharing

Samantha R.J. says:

Love your nail color! What color is that red?

raquel bastien says:

I love Boston ! I used to live in beacon hill , so close to prudential . This vlog makes me miss it ❤️

The Vogue Engineer says:

Im digging crystal's makeupp!!! She's giving me rihanna wild thoughts vibe

Hoang Le says:

did you buy anything?

Hoang Le says:

love you baby

Anna H says:

Great video Erica! I also like colorful handbags, but I struggle with bags that have several different colors. Too often they just clash with my outfit 😕 Although that face bag matched your outfit perfectly!

Jennifer McGee says:

I love this video!!!!!!!! I've been shopping in Boston my whole life!!!! It bought my first LV at that Saks many, many years ago. The Copley Neimans is the best anywhere. Thanks for the tour…can't wait to be back in Boston next month. xoxo

lemoncookies93 says:

where is your pretty white skirt from? love you

Melissa Connolly says:

What a fun video!!!!! You owned those Valentino red boots!!!! Such a lovely family, I love how you all love one another. It shows!!! Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous and has her mommas great style. God Bless and can’t wait for your next video.

Alena D says:

The red Valentino sock boots are totally you!

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