College Talks | Do I Regret Being a Fashion Marketing Major? | Senioristis?

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Hey lovlies! Thank You guys for taking the time out to stop by and watch my video! I have a lot more in store and if you have any questions about college or need any advice feel free to comment below!

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Breann N says:

I totally understand I’m also a fashion merchandising major and want to be a fashion buyer. People think if you are not a lawyer or a doctor that you won’t be successful.

OrionElHunter says:

This video is the true tea 😍😍😍 like omfg I haven't been able to relate so much. How do I send this to my parents without seeming rude? 😬😂

Victoria Coefield says:

what’s next for your career path? Where did you do internships?

Sana.K says:

What do you hope to do as a career now that you’ve graduated? 🙂

James Salters says:

7:24 Close minded = Clothes minded haha

Mikayla Morgan says:

Girllll I feel youuu, congratulations on graduating!!!

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