Collective Haul: NARS, Zara, Topshop, Chanel & Christian Louboutin

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OPEN ME:. Evening Beauties, This is a collective haul from a good few months.. Prices: NARS Lipgloss in Turkish Delight- £17.50 (John Lewis) Zara Top- £39….

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Catherine Yu says:

what a good bag ,my girlfriend wants get one ,but i do not know which website is good to buy. one friend of mine told me that she once bought on .do you know it. she said that it is a very popular replica website in china and Asia ,can you give me a suggestion ?

lisa lee says:

love ur video, can you do a jewellery collection video

DreamLiveFree says:

Your style is perfection (:

star4sp says:

Can we have a review of the WOC pls.? X

shirleyofshirley says:

Love the haul.

ohhello says:

Ur earrings are lovely! Where r they from.

rioajiboye says:

lovely haul

Camellia says:

Yes, it is call the Camellia, just like my name~ xxx

madeline storey says:

Your eyes are amazing!! Lovely colour and your eyelashes are so long!! How do you do it?

Dwightinho56 says:

Sorry, the Pigalles are the sexiest shoes n the world! Mine are the Pigalle 100. Had to make sure I Could walk nicely in them.

Dwightinho56 says:

The Pigalles are the sexl

JustBFree5 says:

Looks like Irene Adler from Sherlock (BBC)

Harley White says:

I have just ordered the pigalles 120 today! Seeing them here makes me so excited to get them!

el hassan fatma says:

congratulations for all ur purchases , i love ur bag 🙂 may i ask how much does it cost i want one 🙂 i was told its around 1700 euros or more ? is it correct?

Makeup at Emily's says:

I can’t stop watching your videos! I love everything you got. So cute!! 🙂

Kuly78 says:

I’m so glad I’ve found your channel, absolutely love it. keep it up hun xx

xoxopascha says:

Good for you!!!

KandyKipty123 says:


Olivia Kinsella says:

You have a beautiful accent!

Ali B says:

Why do you say u picked up something it like you are rich and u don’t give a toss how much the price is!

waitealittle says:

I really love watching these hauls and would love if you guys came and watched miine on my channel!

Alexandra Salonen says:

your hair looks gorgeous in this video! what products do you use?

Maggie S says:


jane stewart says:

Great video – would you mind me asking where your earrings are from?! :)

Someday Shabby says:

Please check out my chanel bag on my channel. Thank you.

izza hammer says:

thanks Ally. so excited for london trip next month

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