Coco by Karl – Inside CHANEL

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Coco according to Karl. In Chapter 8 of Inside CHANEL, Karl Lagerfeld shares his vision of Coco Chanel: her childhood, her charisma, her legend, and the inde…

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Ex makina says:

He’s great, I have much respect for Karl.

Leena Ngo says:

I wish I could understand more French  :,(

clois95 says:

The voice of modernity and revolution. Marvellous, merci 🙂

creamyalmondz says:

A statement I love: “It is to her credit not to let others trample her”.

anneorshine says:

Beautifully stated. Fantastic.

Caroline Palson says:

what is the music please ?

carole filoccini says:

J ais vraiment aimer ce passage c est la première fois que je vois cet vidéo, j aime les gens parties de rien qui sont devenus important grace a leur imagination,et, il en font à cet epoque où tout etait plus dure

Morocco B. Assouline says:

Completement formible!

SR H says:

What a tribute. Well said, Mr. Lagerfeld.

Wendy YdNewStyle says:

Very nice … only Audrey Hepburn liked Givenchy. Besides Coco Chanel is Coco Chanel. Absolutement unique.

Robert Kovacs says:

activate the subtitles 🙂

Samantha Caponera says:

la vera essenza di Coco Chanel..

Livvi Nguyễn says:

i always love chanel even i have no money to buy anything from chanel hihi ^^

shoefan345 says:

It tells you what he’s saying. He is everything!! Coco is everything!!

hikmat libdeh says:

i wish i knew what he was sayin

MizzPurfect1 says:

I wish I knew what he was saying

Isabel Dv says:

love it!

Pearl Satinée says:


shinynight53 says:

Video effects are a bit overcooked but I still like it.

M.K. Outland says:

Karl’s own words surpass those of the earlier episodes 😀

Mandy Zhang says:

I luv Coco <3 <3

Elizabeth McKinnon says:

OMG I love coco.

By Juliet says:

Love Coco and Karl

donvodki says:

i love Karl’s style… amazing!

Valo Schecter says:

OMG!! Karl Lagerfeld is amazing I bet Coco would be proud to know he’s in charge of the house! 🙂 Love COCO <3

Cindy Diamondss says:

la fabbb la vie!!!!

Ivy Lek says:

I am looking the true heart inside Chanel.

Zelma Barbosa says:

I love Chanel!!

fati dekhli says:

I like

Jasmine Reed says:

This was beautiful. Coco would be so proud today.

Faith Emma says:

Thank you Chanel You made me Believe again <3 inspiration <3

danna henriquez says:

Hermosas palabras de Karl, es la persona indicada para comprender su esencia y continuar con su legado.

Ralph Villapando says:

Uhm, use the closed captioning option on the bottom right of the video player.

MissMelonblue says:

As if she would be special 😀 my mothers childhood was more dramatic than hers……but the music and cuts are great!! All in all ghe marketing people did a great job!!!

anologia says:

i love chanel more than my life

Onmypedestal says:

That was everything.

Jamie Todd says:

I love this! She’s such an inspiration so is Karl! I pray I’ll get a chance to meet him one day!

Jamie Todd says:

Omg, can we get English subtitles? I want to know what he’s saying.. Come on guys!

mery meryem says:

Definition de l’elegance! Je t’adoooore karl 3

diana meister says:

This is a nice interview but also an epileptic nightmare. I hate how these days they have to make so many cuts for people to pay attention for a 3 minute video. Nice words though.

Luis Heep says:


hervinachanel says:


Luisa Argelia says:


xoFiroza says:

Very true and inspiring words, Coco Chanel really did incredible things especially from the time she lived in and where she came from. Very nice editing too 🙂

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