Christmas Haul!! – Louis Vuitton/Hermes/Cartier/Fendi

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Please Read 🙂 !!!!!! – Video Available in 1080p HD Hey Everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. I was requested to do a video of my Christmas Haul. I was gifted/purc…

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Lynnette Bradley says:

gorgeous, gorgeous items. I just love the LV card holder, very beautiful
piece……enjoy all your items in good health and Happy New Year. 

Reesh says:

Love all the items..amazing haul..!!

Mary Hanson says:

Merry Christmas to you:)! Congratulations on all your new items.

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

Hey Kevin. I love all of your gorgeous goodies. Another YTber and I was
talking about the accessories that we got in 2014. I really liked getting
the accessories more than the bags and I still see a few more that I would
like. Thank you so much for sharing. I really enjoyed the video. Happy
New Year to you :-))

louisv83 says:

My Christmas Haul. Thank you all for watching. I hope you had a great
Christmas and wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!!! :)

Brazilian LVoer says:

Great video! Amazing gifts! Congrats! 

bjtaylor02 says:

Congratulations on many beautiful additions! I especially like the Fendi
key ring – my eye of course goes to the color and the sparkle. Enjoy all
in good health!

Sanjai Jothikumar says:

Please do a review on the behapi bracelets!! :]

BmwA5H says:

Hey buddy! Such a fantastic haul. I love everything! The Cartier reveal is
enabling me – in YG obviously haha. Thought I was subscribed to your YT but
i’m getting mixed with insta. Absolutely loved everything.

Happy New Year!


Coco Supernova says:

Beautiful gifts! I love them all sooo much. Thank you for sharing with us.
It is a huge pleasure to watch your videos as always. Very best wishes for
this year. Cheers to good health, peace, happiness and love for you and
your family. 

Guillermo M says:

Wonderful Christmas Haul! Have a Great 2015! How about doing a bracelet

seattle_dove says:

Congrats and happy new year! Love the LV scarf, the quality looks amazing 

LuxeAddiction says:

Happy New year! ^_^

kvloveslv says:

Packaging is beautiful and so are items! Happy New year! 

xXxEcKyxXx Ashley P says:

Wow amazing Christmas Haul Kevin!!! I love each and every piece – they suit
you so well and are fabulous additions to your collection! I had a feeling
you had gotten the tribal card holder.. it’s so you! LOVE it! Congrats on
all of your wonderful purchases! Enjoy ☺️ thanks so much for sharing with

trina leavers says:

gorjus gorjus haul huni,i am dying over the love bangle xxx

lily Frausto says:

I’m so jealous I’ve been wanting something from each store you just
mentioned, but unfortunately i cant afford a single thing! you’re so
blessed i love your hauls by the way:) i really want the monogram key pouch
from LV i hope it happens in 2015 since it didn’t happen in 2014 lol

MNicoleChic says:

Gorgeous gifts love. So in love with the LV tribal mask card holder. Happy
New Year. ♥

Alex Lennox says:

Hello, loving everything, hope you had a great Christmas! Could you do a
review on your Hermes bracelets, thanks

Breakfast Tiffanys says:

Stunning collections. You are very classy. Love your vids. 

Stanleydragonjr says:

Gorgeous scarf,love everything,use everything in the best of health,have an
awesome new year my friend,I hear your pup saying happy new year in the end
of the video too,give her a big birthday hug from me

Nadine Jasim says:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!! Amazing haul, amazing video as
always, so inspired by you and many Youtubers here, I want to start making
videos too, but I guess I’m too nervous to do it.. lol

rtblade4 says:

goodness, everything is so beautiful! I want it all! Best wishes for 2015

ismahaine el says:

Hi;-) love your channel, quality gets over quantity

sassygetclassy says:

damn what do you do for work?? LOL, great haul!

Lipglosslovr27 says:

Great haul. Very nice things. Thanks for sharing!!!

Tebra Molina says:

Loved it all!!! That Love Bracelet was beautiful! ; ) Merry Christmas!

mrsbibilove says:

best xmas haul ever! congrats on all your pressies!

Cindy Splude says:

Do you feel like you’re in a dream??? Wow! That was some of the most fun
and diverse gifts ever!!! Everything you have is special!!! Like nothing
common, it’s perfect!!!! Congrats! To you and the people who love you, that
got such unique items!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I never even
noticed if vid was long! I was enjoying all your lux fun!!!

pink2paris says:

Congrats on your amazing haul and thank you very much for sharing it all
with us!! Have a wonderful weekend!! :)

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