Christian Dior’s Eau Noire Review

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Decants available
5ml – 15.00
10ml – 24.00
20ml – 42.00
30ml – 59.00
50ml – 91.00

Dior’s Eau Noire, Patchouli Imperial, Cologne Royale, Granville
5ml – 14.00
10ml – 20.00
20ml – 34.00
30ml – 46.00
50ml – 70.00

Enchanted Forest
5ml – 17.00
10ml – 28.00
20ml – 50.00
30ml – 70.00
50ml – 110.00

10ml Hermes Cuir D’Ange – 25.00
10ml John Varvatos Artisan Acqua – 10.00
5ml M. Micallef Art Collection 102 – 14.00
5ml Hermes Cuir D’Ange – 14.00
3ml Tom Ford Champaca Absolute – 12.00

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Chris says:

Do you still have 50ml of Eau Noire available Dan? Chris

wise man says:

thanks for the video entertaining like always.Do you still plan on putting up a tom ford noir de noir video again?

Sin Fragrance says:

One of my inspirations in the you tube fragrance community! Soon I'll be doing my first review on the dissapointing dirty english lol.

Xavier R says:

Hey, Dan! Great review, like always man! Can u next review NOIR EXTREME by Tom Ford. You can sample it at Sephora. I'd like to hear what u and Amanda think about it.

Paolo Gomez says:

I love this one.. Did you try from a decant or from a bottle? This thing is potent! Revisit it again…from a bottle.

CYBERSHOT363 says:

Hey I've got a idea for your next video. Fragrances for the over 40s or gentle and fragrances.

Ether Man says:

I can't stand this one! Total scrubber for me. To vegetal at the opening and then for two sickly sweet, and I can't stand star anise!

Tal Mamatov says:

very nice review, Dan

Phenix101TPJ says:

I can appreciate a scent that hang on tight, but doesn't assault the passersby.

Redolessence says:

Fantastic video! Eau Noire is quickly climbing the ladder to becoming my favorite Dior Privee fragrance. Thank you for the great review!

TheGreatDiscerner says:

Always intrigued by this one, but never tried it.  Your review has made me more interested.  I know you did a split on this one awhile ago, do you still have any available?

Rio Cappuccino says:

It sounds like this could pass for being the Holy Vail of the Dior line :-)

jesse pete says:

You have any aventus left ?

Jim R says:

Excellent review of a stellar fragrance.

Alex Boring says:

Do you still have Patchouli Imperial with bottle? And if so, is there a minimum for bottle?

RyzFragz34 says:

Such an amazing fragrance. Love this blend. You nailed it Dan. Great vid as always. 

bhaffar says:

I like the licorice coffee vibe in this one

Lanier Smith says:

Bravo Dan. Eau Norie is one of the most beautiful of Privee line. I am so on board with you on this one. I LOVE it and once my sample is spent off I go to grab a bottle. How does Amanda feel about it.

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