Christian Dior × Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Full Fashion Show

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Raf Simons for Christian Dior / first experience 2 jul / Paris Full HD fixed Show HD Full Fashion Show (25’35) HD …

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rocky362 says:

Jill Sander Couture ?? The new look over and over again not to mention
everone looks bored and is it just me or havent we all seen these looks at
some point in the last 3 years

jojo0827 says:

you know something is amazing when tim blank and nicole phelps both turn to
each other at the same time, and you see phelps’ eyes go wide.

burkawitch says:

dior will never be the same. galliano was the reason i even spoke of the
brand tbh

facilito088 says:

and franca and grace

Nikki Scott says:

He just restructured Dior’s New Look again and again..DO SOMETHING CRAZY
,it is dior!

diaboliqueguan says:

oh no.. i am so glad not to see karlie’s face and her exaggerated walk ever
again. thank fashion heaven for Raf!

Niobio Habbo says:

the collection is fine, but I liked more the style of john galliano

KooshieAlmond says:

pretentious rubbish. It’s as though they spend more on the soundtrack and
the setting than the actual clothing. Dior couture shows were so beautiful
that they’d bring a tear to your eye, it’s a shame it’s just not like that

pinko pallino says:

i guess big mistake lettting go galliano..dior is finished..

Sunder Jivan says:

Haute Couture is about having a unique piece which excels in crafting,
design and materials. In this collection I can only see plain, boring and
repetitive designs, some of them could even be done by a non expert
seamstress, there are so many collections like this on the RTW market.

Friedbert Schneider says:

I appreciate that he sort of transformed Christian Dior New Look in today.
But all in all it was a bit boring and way to dressed down for couture. The
Girls were way to skinny and the colours a bit too poor. Pobably better
than all the DraqQueen shit that Galliano did, but he needs to work more on
a couture collection for the House of Dior! That`s just my opinion folks!!!

MajaGalac says:

Sta sfilata fa cagare

Roman König says:

I love how that lady, sitting left to the one in the yellow top, gets out
her sunglasses halfway through the show and puts them on. Maybe she was

MsRaconteur says:

This was definitely a collection that real women can wear – that a normal
woman can walk down the street or go to a party in and that’s fantastic,
but it just wasn’t extraordinarily creative like Dior is known for.

FaltooTV says:

Absolute Bullsh*t! When everyone was on the hype saying Raf Simons for
Dior, i was cringing! This just proves to me that i was right. This
collection is exactly what to expect from Raf Simons. No surprises.
Audience seem bored to death.

MrJosCHEWa says:

after 2 mins , I called it quits on the vid. could not bare to watch this
show. I get Raf’s design aesthetic, I like some of his pieces. It was a
little too understated for my taste – it really needed more BANG! Galliano
got me addicted to his over the top extravaganzas with jaw dropping
inspiring clothing / hair and make ups ( from mr pita and ms mcgrath ) ….
sorry but someone sh** the bed on this one. come on you have DIOR money
behind you and some of the best craftsmen in the world!

Jeremy Tan says:

Oh gosh, this is like the worst Dior haute couture collection I’ve seen in
a long period of time. The silhouettes are just too simple and repetitive
for my liking. With such a lack of diversity for colors and details, it
looks like a ready-to-wear collection more than a couture collection.

mirabella15o says:

Without John Galliano DIOR will never be the same!

MsQuinnzeL says:

whats with the pointy bust style is some of the dresses? not liking it. it
will be very unflattering for people who are not as flat-chested as the
models. overall, the collection is quite boring.

Michael Servito says:

Biosphere – Chukhung Aphex Twin – Windowlicker Aphex Twin – Girl/Boy Song
Aphex Twin – Pulsewidth The Orb – A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That
Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld (Loving You – Aubrey Mix Mk II) the
comments in here are absurd. how can one possibly expect it to come out
looking like galliano’s vision of dior? i thought the collection was
stunning, and beautiful. not a perfect collection, but one that is paying
homage to the house and the christian dior name.

Teddy Own says:

simple is the best but this collection is too simple !

Axel Ivan Mendotza Gonzalez Snz says:

we really don’t care what you & the other 43 people think, “haters gonna
hate & buyers gonna buy”

Nick Sookate says:

I see ready to wear.

Desmonp21 says:

Im sorry. For the fact you are unable to have an objective view of fashion.
I share the same view that couture doesn’t need to be crazy. My criticism
lies in the poor design of some of hese pieces such as 2:38. His last
collection for Jil Sander was by far superior, and I was dissipation that
this was the case given he was woking with couture studio, with a bigger
budget. I do however accept that he may have difficulty in working with a
new studio. Does anyone know if Bill is still at dior?

themissytots says:

Is that Alber Elbaz next to Stella Tennant? 😀

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