Christian Dior, the Man Behind the Myth – Trailer

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1947, France is in the midst of reconstruction after the war. Although fabric is being rationed, a young designer wins the world over to his daring visions o…

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FrenchConnectionFilm says:

It is not available online, but it is available on DVD at

yaraavell says:

Is it online somewhere? The full documentary?

Sarah McKinley says:

He just started work as a designer in a store?? Lol he had no training of any kind 😐
Would have been nice to live in those days! Lol

astridbelge says:

This is the first time I ever saw actual footage of the 1947’s dior fashion show!

azanter003 says:

Christian Dior trés trés bon parfumme

FrenchConnectionFilm says:

The “CHRISTIAN DIOR, MAN BEHIND THE MYTH” DVD (with much more) is available through the French Connection Films website…

vajivan says:

is this only part of the documentary or is there more?

FrenchConnectionFilm says:

Sorry but this has nothing to do with our historical film which wasn’t commission by the Christian Dior company and is talking about the life of an interesting man, not about a company!

azadkevork says:

Macias Counsel, Inc. Sues Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior for Malicious Conduct in Santee Alley “Knock-Offs” Case malicious prosecution lawsuit against Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior was filed today by downtown Los Angeles shop owners George Antounian, charging the company with bringing an unlawful lawsuit against them for selling knock-off products (Antounians v. Louis Vuitton et al, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Case No. BC396340).

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