Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2013 Runway Show (Raf Simons) | Paris Fashion Week | FashionTV

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fung csmfung says:

Vlada is rocking the runway

Kyle Yu says:

Well remember Dior wouldn’t be anything without Christian Dior founding the house so….

Emily Ricci says:

who would wear any of this crap in real life?

Татьяна Руденко says:


lizzie garcia says:

What is the name the new designer? I really liked the collection, these designs are a breath of fresh air in Dior, we can not compare with Galliano because you can clearly see that they are complete opposites designers …

Александр Косимов says:


Axel Ivan Mendotza Gonzalez Snz says:

Galliano is nothing without Dior.

Sid Smith says:

Mr John Galliano at Dior made clothes for drag queens and not real women. Mr Raf Simons is a STAR! He is the only fashion designer that I know who makes beautiful clothes for real Women and Men! I love Mr Simons’ clothes.

Floyd Brownlee says:

Do not like this collection.

Rianna Richards says:

This is OK but I like John Galliano’s designs better.

gloriakmm says:

i was thinking the same thing at first. but this show grew on me. it’s a fresh direction. not the same kind of sexiness, but cleaner and fresher. nice in it’s own way, no?

chosentenore says:


enconnsj88 says:

Definitely not my favourite of the season

nikolay9428 says:

perfect! especially these ones at 5:00 sooo original, really new and high!
Galliano was a great designer, but Raf Simons is someone who has a new view of Dior’s future! So, they are different, and saying Dior isn’t Dior without Galliano is absurd! Dior always was high and continuing to be better and better with Raf Simons!

Siu Mok says:

new interpretation of Dior

Lillie Golightly says:

its very nice. not amazing.

MiyaSamaCo says:

Raf Simons is NOT the man for Dior! If they want a creative talent, they should tap Vivienne Westwood, Byron Lars or Yohji Yamamoto. So many want Galiano back but don’t realize that he was not in favor with the company at all because his “creations” did not sell. The company wanted clothes that would sell and not just perfume and accessories et al.

Isaac Mendieta says:


The01jetfly says:

Yes this collection is truly amazing, would wear each & every piece.

Stanimir Dimitrov says:

R U kiddin’ me? This collection is AMAZING!

MakeupNcosmo says:

Les mannequin sont pour la plupart laides, trop maigres et avec une démarche affreuse! Cela ne met pas du tout la collection en valeur!
On nous a habitué à mieux!

ucha10 says:

its electricity!!!!!

parentsupervision says:

So chic. I love the silhouettes.

chloebucks says:

Jesus he’s ruining the brand. Maybe I don’t understand fashion or his design whatever but the show is just awful. There is just something missing and it’s not Dior anymore. I want galliano back. This is just not DIOR! I want sophisticated elegant gowns and something that can WOW me..

Suela Bendaj says:

hate the shoes

memberofthetribe1 says:

As a man of color, I understand completely why House of Dior let John Galliano go. I also have to admit that under Gallianos design philosophy and his tutelage, I feel House of Dior flourished. I feel that his clothes had that “other” worldly feel to them. Pure romance. I know it was “costume-y a lot of the time, but when it was on the mark, it was a bulleye. Raf brings an eberyday user friendly-ness to Dior. Ralph Rucci would have been more effective as a design director in my opinion.

MrRandomcommentss says:

some of these outfits look the same as haute couture…….galliano is better.

Comer Comerce says:

he did it to Jil sander LoL

tictocmm says:

I love the iridescence

tictocmm says:

I think Suvi has aged gracefully. I never could stand her before.

Zato Gibson says:


Designer FashionStylist says:

really effective eye make-up,
liked the holographic like garments,
nice collection.

TheReturnOfStephan1 says:

Raf & John design(ed) costumes, not fashion, for Dior.

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