Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2012 Full Fashion Show

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Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2012 Full Fashion Show.

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marchesca1315 says:

Beautiful wish I could see more detail but you can really see how much confidence the clothes are giving to the models!

David C says:

Dirty South – Alive
Jordin Sparks – Walking on Snow
Adele - Set Fire to the Rain (Moto Blanco Club Mix)

David C says:

Dirty South – Alive
Jordin Sparks – Walking on Snow
Adele - Set Fire to the Rain (Moto Blanco Club Mix)

David C says:

Dirty South - Alive
Jordin Sparks – Walking on Snow
Adele – Set Fire to the Rain (Moto Blanco Club Mix)

pinkguitar24 says:

I wanna buy it but a little too expensive after all it’s a PRADA…

18mindless says:

All of the beautiful dresses are so readey-to-wear

TheAdrianaPal says:

i like it… this collection return to New Look

beautyless1 says:

How the music?

Adine Amanda says:

Love it!! If i only could afford one of these gorgeous pieces..

fablicsziuz says:

OMG they really need John :S
horrible colection!
whit out stile,
whit out emotion,..
until the music….
rescue DIOR
every body know that whit out galiano every thing looks dificult, but, now, looks like imposible.

mjjfan1104 says:

They miss Galliano, but they’ll be OK.

mjjfan1104 says:

They look like classy sexy kittens!!!!XD

mjjfan1104 says:

Go figure that going “old school” Dior is the “breath of fresh air” the design house needed…GOOD RIDDANCE TO GALLIANO….Prejudice and hatred should NEVER be tolerated….Beautiful collection, can’t wait to see what’s in store 🙂

sickntired2008 says:

what is the name of the sond that starts at 1:00 its so Hot! I need that song…Help anyone…

biebslovinjanhvi says:

Song was not that good ..

Iris Friesen says:

Oh Johnny where are you? This is just so WRONG. Insulting and annoying after the glory that was John Galliano….irreplaceble John Galliano… Oh bring him back for heavens sake.

Regina Johnson says:

the music is all wrong for this show.

gagatkowa1 says:

this one is the most funny..:)

Eric Huang says:

who can tell me what are this show of all songs & singers …thanks

Katherine H, Gozon says:

nice dresses looks classy <3

kasixix says:

The dress or whatever it is at 02.26 sucks badly

Kjadija Kassa says:


MissAnna211991 says:

At first – Spring/Summer? I would say Fall/Winter… The cuts are pretty, colours boring….music fine, background amazing. And I feel terribly sorry for Mr Galliano so I dont know if it is just my gloom or the “magic” is really missing…

amannjosh says:

even though galliano is gone this show was still brilliant

Martin Vinař says:

Does anyone know what song is from 1:07 till 4:25? Pleaseee

Jeanlaid Alvarez says:

13:30 Suzy Menkes on the runway ! XD

misterkiller89 says:

What’s done has been done….but it’s still depressing to see Dior without a head……you really see what kind of place Dior is now that John is gone….beautiful clothes, but no excitement, no passion, no anticipation, no inspiration….the most exciting thing about this show was the dramatic lights of the set….

chelsua says:

me encanta como siempre hace calor en los runways

pmubon says:

i am just used to that feeling,that thing that missed from his collections but this is better than the haute couture to be honest…but i’m still mad that galliano was fired.

mkkitsune says:

That’s just so unbelievably naive! lol at the idea of the fashion industry pretending to be outraged at racism.They say, LVMH has created a conspiracy to get rid of Galliano. Maybe they just didn’t want to pay what it was supposed to be paid in case John left. But even if he made some drunken comments, this man can’t be a racist. His entire career has been based on referring to and referencing from various cultural. His inspirations are based on the diversity of cultures.

reanaa says:

they may of lost their soul, but they also lost a raving racist of the worst kind. I don’t see they had any choice. “brilliancy” and “genius” do not always equal “moral” or “good”. The man needed a slap in the face and he got it.

GotSupremeSWAG says:

I see Dior but I miss the Gailiano touch.

mrnnoe says:

Dior is not the same without Galliano 🙁

pepitobenegas says:

I like this collection, I’m glad Karlie Kloss isn’t opening again, and I miss Galliano also, but the lastest collections he was designing for Dior, weren’t so amazing, just regular, so I don’t find many differences with this.

losiram59 says:

Galliano se te extraña : (

greentree489 says:

so dull. i miss you GALLIANO

CarlosSpungenMoss says:

we need NEW LOOK ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

jxpulid says:

Gillano was great but I have to say that I really like this new CD… Great Collection.

mkkitsune says:

Galliano is a genius. They lost Galliano, they lost their soul.

mskirmar says:

not interesting. too boring for Dior

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