Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2010 Full Show | EXCLUSIVE | HQ

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Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2010 Full Show | EXCLUSIVE | PARIS, October 2, 2009 | High/Good Quality (HQ/GQ)

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Orlando Mendoza says:

where can i get this soundtrack?

chrisbrazy10 says:

Did anyone else notice Abbey Lee was not in the finally?

ItsAllAboutFashion1 says:

Frida Gustavsson

jivonshee says:

The one after abbey lee

jivonshee says:

Can anyone tell me whos the 3rd model?? Pls!

famfame89 says:

anjulie – boom 🙂

sixtou78 says:

Perfect show! Galliano was so talented…

Roberto Otoya says:

THE WHOLE CAST did an amazing job! Actually, I’m in love with the catwalk!

Abigail Chang says:

what’s the second song??
so naughty

Leemcqueenn says:

somebody knows the name of those songs?

alena moore says:

These girls are very healthy though their jobs are very hectic and glamorous and need to stay healthy and have energy to go to loads of castings and traveling

lammlam1 says:

Karlie fits Dior very well

kahanachick says:

thank you!

Esteban Valderrama says:

2:16 Natasha Poly

kahanachick says:

can someone name the models at 2:16 and 4:58 please

Jasmine Kassam says:

And before you make some stupid crack about how modeling sets “unrealistic” standards or whatever other crap you have to say, save it. It’s not going to change, so either get over it, or stop watching fashion. But don’t watch just to insult the body of someone who works hard at what they do and does a hard enough job without losers making negative jealous remarks about their appearance. Obviously they already cater to fashion, because they’re IN in, and you’re not. So go eat more if you want.

Jasmine Kassam says:

The optimal weight concept is bull. And you only have one life to live, they’re living it to the fullest, and if they are undernourished, they’re smart enough ladies to know that and to know the consequences. Having stupid people make comments about how thin models are is just redundant and STUPID. You’re not an agent, a designer, or a photographer booking them, so it’s not your say. And hello, if they wanted to gain weight, they’d go and eat, but clearly they don’t because of their career.

MsWhoopsidaisies says:

in my life i’ve been fat and thin and i know how to recognize somebody who’s too thin or too fat.i’m not a douche who would insult somebody,i respect people,those models may be wonderful women,have beautiful faces,but their bodies look underfed and that’s not pretty to me.the same way i think i’m a very beautiful girl,but when i’m fat my body is also not that wonderful and i’m aware of that.everybody looks best when they have their optimal weight.i just wish they could look healthier.

Jasmine Kassam says:

And you’re way too fat.

Just think about how that came off for a second. If you think I was being offensive but you weren’t, think again. Because saying “way too skinny” is insulting. So if you don’t want to be insulted back like that, I suggest you change your mindset and mind your own business.

MsWhoopsidaisies says:

they are all way to skinny.but even that skinny karlie is stunning.

jac0bmail says:

Karlie opened the show just perfect

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