Christian Dior Spring/Summer 1998 Haute Couture Show | FashionTV

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Close FLASHBACK – Christian Dior spring/summer 1998 Haute Couture runway show at Pari…

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dwmmu2011 says:

Galliano at his romance a his core…beautiful.

Romy Talon says:

full show, please !!!!!


Музыка не важна , John Galliano неподражаем!!!!!!!! Жду его из ссылки , а Christian Dior или где еще – не важно. Праздник будет !!! .

silviaartdeco says:

not sure about the music too…. something a little softer or totally charleston maybe would have suited better.

prudencenanou18 says:


King Haute says:

for fashion-gasm sakes, FULL SHOW PLZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! i need to see it all!!!!

scarymonster33 says:

whats with the horrible music? Something classical would have done quite nicely.

Cameron K says:

yes, in a good way

Yani Hartonen says:

George Michels spining the wheel video was inspired by this collection i believe

tls421 says:

: Yes. Of Course! Thankgoodness!

bernie rothschild says:

The music is ugly

bernie rothschild says:

Been waiting for this

Veryirresistible88 says:

gli anni migliori per Christian Dior era l’era Galiano

Ana Maria Karlo Staud says:


Ana Maria Karlo Staud says:


fashiontvLibrary says:

Is this collection over-the-top?

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