Christian Dior | Spring Summer 2015 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Christian Dior | Spring Summer 2015 by Raf Simons | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – PFW – Paris Fashion Week)

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Danilo Ramos says:

This is an insipid season. Even the strongest shows seemed more
contained by a sense of reality.

Jeffrey Gill says:

11:50 you can see Anna running out lmao

Westwoodboy1 says:

Elements of the collection I liked, but it as a whole it didn’t blow me

BrodeurBear says:

As bad as the music! Formless, repetitive and fuck all like Dior. Don’t
know what you guys are talking about, if you think shorts and the ugliest
shoes in the world are codes of Monsieur Dior you should go to the library
and do yourselves a favour! 

truepoisson says:

Somehow Dior has managed to look cheap and tacky. These shiny materials
look bad-quality and a lot of it looks haphazardly made. Real high fashion
is a thing of the past, Dior looks the same as everyone else nowadays.

Diana Habarova says:

This is horrable disaster-not dior. Faces of models are horrable as well 

Allan Manzanares says:

Perfectly tailored. Raf Simons’ engineering is flawless. Shapes are
becoming a bit repetitive, but there’s no doubt they’re all Dior’s

Porapol Klunkaew says:

who see the guy wearing yellow skirt at 10.19 ? i mean really?

Phil Be says:

again dior super disappointing… i feel really sorry for the girl at 1:57..
she really cant walk in those shoes and how old is she ? 14? i think its
kinda mean that the girls in the back are already laughing about her

Steven Lansdorf says:

It’s not the best show of RF for Dior…

Hinh Tinh Quoc says:

safe design, nothing special

milkmanmonroe says:

WHITE! is right.
Pale is pretty.

Apollo-milkchocolate says:

love the bags and shoes but everything els is meh

Carlos Alejandro says:

Yo no sé quién dijo que Raf Simons se había convertido en el rey Midas de
la alta costura porque, para ser sinceros, aún no veo una colección que me
sorprenda. Y aunque toda la elite de la moda se rinda, tratando de olvidar
el legado Galliano, a los pies de la anhedonia y de la estética simplista,
arquitectónica y geométrica de Simons, nunca dejaré de creer que en la moda
los diseños deben ser lienzos artísticos donde la complejidad de las
texturas, la intensidad del color y, sobre todo, la imprenta manual del
atelier combinen de forma armónica. Si la excentricidad y la complejidad no
armonizan, entonces no es alta costura. Y es cosa de ver el front row lleno
de clackers vestidas de abrigos Dior eléctricos y oversizes para darse
cuenta que el vestir de alta costura no aseguran exclusividad.
La colección de Simons para Dior comienza con una camada de vestidos con
superiores tipo tank top y faldas globo que me recordaron inmediatamente a
los que ya habían sido presentados, como concepto, en la colección alta
costura OI2014-2015 (,,
De hecho, hay estampados que parecieran tener patrones similares a los de
la colección. De los camisones antiguos manga bishop, con cuello tortuga y
con perforaciones emulando troquelados, ni siquiera me voy a referir salvo
que alguna trendsetter quiera parecer sonámbulo o algo similar. No comment
Los cinturones tipo lazo, creando puntos de inflexión y siluetas bar en
abrigos largos color café o negro y en total looks con superiores de manga
acampanada, me parecieron poco armónicos. De hecho, la paleta de colores y
el contraste entre ellos los encontré de una anhedonia tan similar a la de
Raf Simons. Sólo destaco en algo los diseños con silueta similar a la
silueta cocoon en las bomber y en una blusa que aparece en el minuto 6:50,
pero en general el exceso de vestidos y abrigos extra largos, con manga
sisa y colores negros y electricos me parecieron absolutamente disuasivos y
lejanos al Dior que dejó Galliano: un Dior donde el color y donde la
excentricidad de la alta costura eran los principales protagonistas.
Tendencia futurista o no, creo que en Dior se ha perdido la imprenta del
atelier de los años 40.
Cuando comencé a ver las colecciones de Stefano Pilati para Yves Saint
Laurent, supe de inmedito que su permanencia en la casa no sería eterna. Y,
al ver las colecciones de Raf Simons para Dior, puedo decir lo mismo. La
colecciones pueden ser excéntricas y usadas por toda la elite Parisina,
pero si no tienen la imprenta y la armonía necesaria de la alta costura, no
permanecerán en el tiempo ni en la retina de las personas. Decepcionante
colección !!!!

Regina Mar says:

Lately Dior is so boooooring, the clothes are nothing special, very simple
I think dior is over. 

Jian Zheng says:

Dior lady became “Le boy”…. #fashion

AliceCries says:

Mahhhh kinda boring

Chiquita Howard says:

This is a season for ladylike freedom. Free to be feminine and to be a
lady! Love Dior! Thank you! Ms. Chiquita

BrodeurBear says:

Why is he so terrified of women? These are boys clothes, any hint of figure
is laboured out of the fit, and Dior isn’t about much else but elegance and
accentuating your best. It’s the fashion equivalent of a white sliced bread
loaf! Sack him.

Danilo Ramos says:

Music: Ike Yard – Loss (Regis Version)

justifiedsins says:

What is this? Calvin Klein? Jesus Christ. I hope John crushes Dior with his
new job at Maison Martin Margiela.


music is okay. other than that #$%&*U()_

Clariccy says:

At first I thought “Oh, it’s still the 90’s ?”, then out came some lovely
pieces. Dior has bored me for a while, this has renewed interest. The
breezy fabrics with the delicate print, the glistening zippers, those boots
– is it stitching or weave ? – great palette, nice styling. Some of the
details are fabulous. Sweet, calm, yet strong. Didn’t like the chain
Would have liked a more broader range of models.

yolas1299 says:

Firstly I was bored to death by this but two full weeks after the show I am
starting to really love it! The estructured white coats are the kind of
thing I was expecting from Raf’s Dior from the begining…but the overly
long show didn’t let me appreciate it. One word EDITING!

kim flash says:

It just made head lines today about a crew of insiders who got caught
ripping off the racks and breath taking foot gear of a Saks Fifth Avenue
flag ship store in Manhattan.

Personally, l like 2 see more Capes and more White knee high Bootz worn in
these Collectionz

Valentín Jara says:

Who’s the girl on 2:01 ? I love her 😮 i saw her in prada and chanel too :o

lavieonrose1 says:

The most boring Dior EVER! Bring back Galliano!!

João Valério Jacinto says:

Excelente ! … Toda a alta performance da beleza Fashion. Christian Dior /
Primavera – Verão 2015. 

Lio by Julio Cesar says:

nothing interesting the collection is very boring and the model so pale, no
grace at all. the clothing so baggy . What a woman want to look so big in
their hips.

Melissa B says:

Omg I just saw a 11 year old walking trash … Shouldn’t she be in school?

dd dfa says:

first her name plz.. so innocent.. she’s my ideal type~~♥

Alexis Guerrero says:

Model of 2:02 please 

Rodrigo Hernández says:


albandri algahtani says:

amazing >>
i loved everything it is like a simple and elegant lady

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