Christian Dior Spring Summer 2013

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Christian Dior Spring Summer 2013 by Raf Simons.

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Superstarfruit888 says:

Annoying the way each look is presented in the video from the waist up! Open with the head to toe, sheesh. 

221ik says:

I Am confused with mister Gaytten. How can he produce such a wonderful Galliano collection but fail at Dior?

Sean O'Neill says:

I wouldn’t say this is fashion,they’re more like clothes. His fall collection is what I consider fashion,because they’re more fantasy than wearability.

Gaostic says:

Please, somebody, give them food!!

Frank Suarez says:

I put a blanket over a mannequin, can I be the next Dior’s designer now?

bubbles02010 says:

their walking looks kinda weird…

Banji Bambi says:

no. this is just terrible… you need to stay true to the original vision of the label (like Galliano, Karl L. and Sarah B. does) and Galliano had always done his research in the collections, makeup and runway presentation, alot of the pieces here look cheap and tacky. only someone like katy perry would wear shit like this.

Felipe Warhol says:

I love it.

Federico Righini says:

Wich kind of comment !! I talked about the collection at the House of Dior ! I see that the customers are so proud to buy this dresses, bags and shoes ! The collection is a success ! Absolutely ! Raf Simons re-elabored the concept of Mr. Dior about fashion, high class, somptuous but simple at the same time ! So So Chic !! Visit the new Dior Milan boutique ! It’s a beautiful world !

zahra rajab says:

i liked it

Allysha Ishak says:

yeah, I agree. I’m sure Raf Simons had a concrete concept (which is the continuation of the couture), but the execution was very off: poor casting choice, odd set, fittings. But when the collection hit the racks of Dior boutiques, they were exquisite.

iamjorgedaniel says:

You may be right. But everybody could realize that those are crap.

iamjorgedaniel says:

I agree. Minimalism is not an excuse for a crappy collection.

iamjorgedaniel says:

OMG it’s a messy show ! I couldn’t understand anything, so, what was the inspiration ? Glamour ? Elegance ? a modern woman ? And the clothes has serious design problems, specially the shoes, the model at 11:00 couldn’t finish her catwalk. WHAT. A. SHAME.

lovedavidoff says:

i like half of the collection but the models are ungly…seriously!!

Luis Alvarado says:

I love dior but this past couple of shows I havent like the collections.. Definitely love drama and this is not it

DeliriumBlacktis says:

The timing, it’S… my goodness…

Kimberly says:

Well this is not creepy at all

FunDipIsGross says:

All I see are flight attendants LOL

teledoll says:

In a way you are right , but take note that when Galliano was hired by Dior , most major Fashion houses were taking on young designer to create a buzz around them. (remember Alexander McQueen for Givenchy). But times have changed , then everything was a celebration, the new millennium, new dreams, new opportunities – Now, after the economic crisis , people wanna see where their money is going when they buy a 5000 dollar dress, they see their clothes as an investment.

teledoll says:

Christian Dior regarded Balenciaga as “the master of us all” , and Balenciaga designs where very minimalist. It takes a lot of expertise to create simple clothes , because everything has to look impeccable, any fault will show. Mr. Simons` designs are not really that minimal, those suits at the start may appear simple but when you put one on your back you look impeccable, they are very well cut, and I should know as I am the proud owner of one, (look # 2)

Wim Janssens says:

Fashion needs to sell and Raf Simons is one of the best to make this house wearable in the Dior Spirit but still exclusive! Long live the Belgian Fashion Designers!

german108chant says:

they look like robots.

Никита Липатов says:

A Number Of Names — Shari Vari

Kamil Assd says:

I recommend: talknfashion. com/?usr=mrFreshman ;)

Soumik Seymour says:

& You do? Go look up Dior’s first commercial, you’ll see models enveloped in the same kind of jackets that Galliano showcased in Haute Couture PE 2011. And please save us that same argument on MINIMALISM, that was & remains the motto of Chanel, Lanvin etc. Dior was all about dramatic effects & metres of rich fabric (10 Metres In Fact For A Single Item).The ONLY thing Mr. Simons got right was the Silhouette. & Minimalism is only an excuse for those that dislike anything ornate.

gagahead1 says:

Sui He is always so boring -.-
I like this collection minus the metallic tops and dresses.

Kaung Tun Aye says:

What kind of fabric are those. Visually stunning. Suites are well tailored.But not quite Dior.

Cap Down says:

It seems he slept all the season woke up from some hangover and realised its 2 days from the big show so this is the result

Cap Down says:

Hands up for suits in summer… This is just ludachris my niece of three years could do a better job. BRING BACK GALLIANO

Cap Down says:

Are you serious? What Galliano did was creating something new out of New Look and hints to the glaorous days of Dior with a twist. If you find this exciting in somehow then I respect that, but me this didnt even tickle me inanyhow. The only nice things here is the shoes.

AndersStrokousK says:

Shari Vari by A Number of Names

ashlerre says:

whats the song title @ 3:43?

DiamondRubyJewel says:


Daikamaitachi says:

It’s more of a “Where’s Waldo” for me.

Natalia Pestell says:

Well, I didn’t mean to offend anyone and maybe my comment was a bit emotional, but I didn’t expect anything like that from Dior it was frustrating to me, as a customer. The suits were ok, all other stuff I just didn’t get.And yeah, you are right, I am not going to wear Dior this season, I will be wearing Tom Ford – I liked this SS 2013 Collection, but hopefully next year this Raf will come out with something more fun.BTW, SS13 Dior Couture was the way much better.

aufladekabel says:

whats the first song called????

Pedro Juárez Santos says:

If you close every fashion show video with Anna Wintour on it, you’ll be olny able to watch tacky and tasteless Roberto Cavalli and irrelevant Jean Paul Gaultier.

Pedro Juárez Santos says:

Yeah because Daria Strokous is SUCH A BAD CHOICE…

Vesna Aksamija says:

Raf is on the right path, bringing Dior back.

Consrignrant says:

your comment is foolish and I doubt you can afford Dior, so I don’t think you’ll be wearing any Dior, crappy or not, any time soon.

youngchxn says:

@Natalia Pestell

sagisgems says:

Exquisito-Moderno-Minimalista——resultado—-perfecto pero ABURRIDO

P4fashion says:

Those models must have been nervous walking down the catwalk.

Natalia Pestell says:

Damn, I am seriously have been fan of Dior for many years – but this thing SUCKS. What a hell that Raf was thinking when he was creating this collection – its a total garbage and crap, jesus, who chose the models? Why they look so stupid? Crappy shoes and clothes – awful – I found only 2 dresses which I would possible wear – somewhere in the house in front of TV, everything else I would just threw away.I don’t care about Galiano,not Galiano,but this guy better learn how to make something descent

Nick Sookate says:

Minimal and boring.

SuperPatinator says:

His main idea was about freedom. <3

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