Christian Dior Spring Summer 2013 Haute Couture installations – Shanghai

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Discover the installations of the Christian Dior Spring Summer 2013 Haute Couture show presented in Shanghai.

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Millicent Wong says:

they’ve picked the right song.

saavstories says:

Loved that gesture of Vlada… she should totally be featured in a Dior campaign, so sublime.

AliSupermen says:

Shanghai <3 the prettiest city in the world *.* 

Bianca Reiter says:

Speziell, verspielt, und dennoch nicht too much, so wirkt Dior Spring Summer 2013 auf mich.

regentstreettv says:

Absolutely beautiful dresses.

Usein Sattarov says:

song : The XX

Колюнька Симпотный says:

the xx – angels

Fasha Juwita says:

Whats the song?

Juhaina S says:


Alberto Nuñez says:

Dior… Just Perfect!

kitq78 says:

who sings this song?

azoz11826 says:


chrisbrazy10 says:

I really hope they post the fashion show, Ive watched the original one like a hundred times. Watching the Shanghai version won’t hurt.

MssDrien says:

Love it so much!

loukkaus says:

Gorgeous sets, and the collection itself is divine of course… Great production on the video too.

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