Christian Dior Spring-Summer 2012

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Christian Dior Spring-Summer 2012 FULL womenswear runway collection by Bill Gaytten.

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kiwiteddi says:

so true,but i dound one beautiful thing in this one, some pieces are in the Versailles video

JamesFarisOfficial says:

I have noticed over the last 2 years the walks going bad.

beautyroomvideos says:

There are 4 models who walked really good. The rest walked if they were walking in fire and too big shoes. Its so ugly show, sorry. Ehw

Sean Cotter says:

these clothes would be more at home on a Ralph Lauren runway…not bad just not Dior.

ChristineBends says:

I actually like this.

Romy Talon says:

Endlessly boooooooooring. So commercial like never before ! Dior is so afraid of failure of sales. I couldn´t wait till the end of the show, how boring it was. Really nothing new at all !!!

Abe221993 says:

first song anyone ?

Gabriel Fuentes says:

Thumbs down for u lol

jazzy8485 says:

Each piece was beautiful, though a few pieces seemed to be thrown in a random order on the runway.
I agree with the new direction, but I don’t know about the higher heights.
I guess I’m used to seeing Galliano’s “unwearable” but beautiful art.

jazzy8485 says:

Did Jourdan Dunn look like she was stumbling in her shoes 5:16?

jazzy8485 says:

The clothes are not bad, they are passable and nowhere as grandiose a display of the beautiful and not quite wearable architecture that Galliano created. In comparison, these clothes are quite plain.

I miss Galliano’s talent. *Sigh*

superegghead79 says:

I like the collection. Very feminine and chic, sure there is no main theme spread across the collection, but the dresses are beautiful and typical of what Dior is known for. Sophisticated and sexy. I like what Bill Gaytten has done so far.

bayoucool says:

Such an Epic intro! It was really misleading! The tension that was building up from that intro was led by such a dissapointing show… 🙁

superegghead79 says:

Best intro EVER! Wow!

mah zhen xiang says:

Karlie kloss did the closing of the show!! Amazing catwalk and with the see through dresses!! Good show….

Sunder Jivan says:

There is nothing special about this collection, the evening dresses are ok I suppose

Kylie Collins says:

I love her walk!

SerFeer says:

I love how when the show finished, they all started running like the building was on fire lol

mariahfan999 says:

this is utterly boring.

superegghead79 says:

Bill Gaytten is taking Dior in a new direction, and higher heights. Great collection, each dress was a masterpiece. Bold colors, cuts, and the evening wear was elegant and feminine- classic Dior. Thumbs up to Bill and team.

Filipe Barbosa says:

back gallianoooooooooooooooooooooooo…. please?????????????

IridescentKisses says:

I Miss Galliano <3 Urgh =(

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